York CG Review

Investigation on York CG.

York CG is a broker that has been reported to us by email by several people. We will show you why it’s risky to deposit your money with this broker.

York CG

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Licenses and regulations.

York CG has no regulated licenses. It’s not surprising coming from a broker from the Marshall Islands, country wich is famous for its weak regulations concerning trading. A marshall Islands license doesn’t allow you to offer trading services in Europe but this broker still acts in Europe where it doesn’t have a license from the FCA, CNMV or CONSOB.

Update 09/01/2020 : FCA issued a public warning against this broker.

Problems with withdrawing money !

You can be sure that when a broker doesn’t have regulated licenses, you will have problems withdrawing your money. York CG doesn’t have licenses and therefore you will have problems seeing the impossibility of withdrawing your money from this broker.

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Our verdict about York CG.

We can confirm that York CG is a scam. He doesn’t have regulated licenses and he is based in Marshall Islands where we have more than half of our fraudulent broker reviews from this country.

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5 comments on York CG Review

  1. I’m just surprised that after so many people complaining about this scam brokers how are they still operating!!!!No one controls or regulate the market???

  2. I have been scammed of $22000. The scammer having taken your money to invest & purportedly lost them with no recriminations.
    They must be deregistered & stopped from further swindling peoples moneys as they are a bunch of sweet talking & high pressured crooks/criminals/scammers
    Ted C

  3. This CK York is a scammer. Do not trust or deal with them as they will swindle your funds & never return your money. They are bad burglers , The bastards have scammed me poor…

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