Website checker

Effective Website checker.

For information on a website, there is a website which will help you strongly to identify the data of the desired site. It’s the best Website checker actually.

ScamOnline as an example.

We will take ScamOnline as an example. ScamOnline is french, you can watch here to know a little more about ScamOnline. On the image below, there is therefore in country FR which corresponds to France. We have a domain name that is at (which is a French host if you are doing a search.).

A site to add to your favorites.

Website checker as you give the whois, the diagnostic and the DNS record. When a website hides its information, it has a few things to be blamed for so avoid it. You have understood it is an essential utility site to fight against a scam. I hope we helped you if you were looking for a site like this one. is the website checker I use personally but I’m sure there are several. This is a simple site that gives me the information that I want like for example when I want to buy a product on a particular site that they give in information of country canada while the site is based in China that does not give confidence at all. Realize that unfortunately on the internet there is and there will be more and more scams. Thank you for reading this article.