Trade Simple FX Review

Broker :Trade Simple FX
Address :N/A
Phone :+44 7495 450846
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Trade Simple FX investigation.

Trade Simple FX is a broker which was brought to us by Eric. We will see if it is risky to invest your money with this broker.

trade simple fx

Who is the owner of Trade Simple FX ?

It’s now that it begins to be suspicious. The owner’s name can’t be found. The company behind this broker wants to remain anonymous and doesn’t even have an office address.

Regulation of the broker.

Trade Simple FX can’t have regulated licenses because it doesn’t have a company office address. A broker who doesn’t have regulated licenses isn’t authorized to offer trading but this broker still offers it.

Is it easy to withdraw money ?

Eric, who reported this broker by email, didn’t manage to withdraw the $ 1500 invested with this broker. We are therefore certain that it would be very difficult to withdraw his money.

Our conclusion about Trade Simple FX.

We have the certainty despite the fact that Trade Simple FX has not received a public warning, that it’s a scam. He has no regulated licenses and has already caused problems with withdrawing money which is generally a sign of a fraudulent broker.

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Leave us a comment if you have an experience with this broker. We receive threats from many fraudulent brokers but nothing will stop us to help you.

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