Topic Markets Review

Broker :Topic Markets
Address :8 Duncannon St, London WC2N 4JF, United Kingdom
Phone :+442032870795 +442032397894
Email :
Website :

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Topic Markets Investigation

Topic Markets is a broker that is established in Europe. It has been reported by several people who have problems with this broker. We have conducted an investigation to find out if this broker is legal.

topic markets review

Who is the owner ?

Topic Markets Limited is the owner. It’s a London based company. The minimum to invest in this broker is $ 200.

No regulation in Europe.

This broker is based in London, England where the regulated financial authorities is the FCA. It is one of the most powerful regulation in Europe. Unfortunately this broker does not have a license from FCA and no other licenses from Europe, he can not offer trading in Europe without licenses but he still offers.

Difficulty withdrawing money.

This is what the people who contacted us by email told us. It’s impossible to withdraw money. Like all unlicensed brokers, Topic Markets will not allow you to withdraw your money.

Our Verdict On Topic Markets.

We can say that Topic Markets isn’t a broker to recommend. It’s a scam because it doesn’t have regulated licenses but still offers its services. Your money isn’t safe with a broker without licenses.

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Leave us a comment if you have an experience with this broker. We receive threats from many fraudulent brokers but nothing will stop us to help you.

2 comments on Topic Markets Review

  1. Geachte heer/mevr,
    Ik wordt regelmatig benadert om het te proberen met de automatische robot van topic markets.
    Ik ben er nog niet aan begonnen maar zo te zien is het niet safe?
    Ik hoor graag van u,
    Vriendelijke Groet,
    Jan de Groot.

  2. Am having trouble withdrawing what left in my account because am not happy about your brokers work so am out let me withdraw what’s left cause it’s my money he played around with, look now I was promised false promises my Christmas 🎄is going bad as hell. Please tell me what does ‘’Swift’’, ‘’lBN’’, ‘’Sort Code’’ means cause av been trying to ask my broker about it he doesn’t wana responses

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