TJV Capital Review

TJV Capital Review

TJV Capital Information

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  • 👨‍💼 Owner: Anonymous
  • 📭 Address: N/A
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  • ⚠️ Warning: We Recommend to avoid this broker who doesn’t have regulated licenses.
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If you’re on this page it’s probably because you are victims of TJV Capital. You are surely unable to withdraw your money, its the most common scam of fraudulent brokers. We can help you if your bank doesn’t want to help you set up a case.It’s the best legal solution to be able to recover your money by setting up a chargeback file with the help of professionals.
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TJV Capital is a dangerous broker.

TJV Capital isn’t what you think. We are going to detail what makes this broker a scam. All of our reviews are based on research carried out by professionals.

TJV Capital review

TJV Capital regulation.

Brokers must have regulations for each country where they want to offer trading. TJV Capital offers trading worldwide but doesn’t have all the licenses to do so. This is the first dangerous signal coming from this broker.

TJV Capital make you believe they are serious.

This is often the case with fraudulent brokers. It uses a license from a regulated company (they almost have the same name) or gives a license number that isn’t valid. Also pay attention to licenses that come from offshore countries such as the Marshall Islands or Saint Vincent and The Grenadines but isn’t just these fraudulent countries, there are several.

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What are the chances of getting your money back?

If you are a victim of this broker, you must complete the file below or use the online chat if the amount lost is greater than $5,000 to be put in direct contact. Your chances will depend on several things like payment history, method of payment. Each file is different but MyChargeBack knows all the procedures to speed up your file. If you want to know more about the procedure, click here.

Our Verdict.

We can confirm that TJV Capital is a scam that doesn’t have regulated licenses and therefore isn’t a reliable broker. We advise you to see with your bank what it’s possible to do or if you want to directly use a online recovery service, complete the form below.

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13 comments on TJV Capital Review

  1. Impossible to withdraw, it is a scam. DO NOT DEPOSIT, unfortunately i have lost around $20000 with them, they are smart, they make you send them BTC instead of direct bank transfer, and they trade on META TRADER 4.

    1. Can i ask how did you start to trade with them? Was it a link to fill in your details? Was it Gold that you were asked to trade?

      1. On meta trader, the chat randomly started working and they gave me their whatsapp number, there isn’t really much we can do just report them and one day karma will hit them hard. I traded gold on meta trader with them as a fake broker.

  2. contacted by a fake trader cinese girl fortunately I deposit only 500$, lost they say there is a illegal transaction LOL, you kn ow what is? is manipulated fake broker whit some times delay, that’s why they cn show profit as a real, some times modify quotation and delayed volatility of gold in sometimes of the day than give you signals for this you fake win but not whitdrawable money.

  3. I want to know the name of the person who scammed you. I was scammed by a chinese girl too. At the beginning she was friendly but then she always wanted me to put more and more money on TJV…

  4. Yes I met two Chinese girls in a row from -Tinder who then started to talk about TJV wanted me to join desperately couldn’t understand why – I am joined tjv sent my driving license information -luckily I didn’t deposit anything or start anything I came so close to almost doing it – what I’m worried about is they have my email my driving license with my photo on it and my telephone number is there any risk of fraudulent activity.

  5. I cant find the broker on meta 4. It’s like they deleted the whole server? I deposited 900$. And the lady was working on my account. I was supposed to withdraw a week back, she will take 30% of the profits and I will take 70%. She told me the broker had so hackers and they’re fixing the issue? Did anybody get the same problem?

    1. Yes I Got the same reply – Both ladies Coco and Yao are running this scam. They have scammed for more that 30,000 USD. They both are partners and they run telegram channel from where they find idiot people like me to believe them.

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