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If you are on this page it’s that you are victims of ShareFounders. You are surely unable to withdraw your money, it’s the most common scam of fraudulent brokers. We can help you get your money back, this is the best legal current solution if your bank doesn’t want to help you.

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ShareFounders regulation.

A broker must pay for regulated licenses to be able to offer trading. ShareFounders doesn’t pay for licenses but it does offer trading which is prohibited by law.


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Your money isn’t safe with ShareFounders.

To be able to offer trading, you must buy a regulatory license from a country where you want to settle. If you offer trading without licenses, you don’t respect the laws and become a fraudulent broker. Brokers who don’t have regulated licenses like ShareFounders will not give you your money back because they are outlaws.

Public warning against this broker.

The SFC(Hong Kong) has issued a public warning against ShareFounders. That is to say that he has offered trading in a country where he doesn’t have a regulated license. A broker who receives a public warning is a scam.

Never trust the broker.

It’s essential to always check the licenses of a broker because fraudulent brokers lie to make you deposit the maximum amount of money. If you unfortunately deposit your money and are asked to pay a fee to withdraw your money, don’t do it because you will give them even more money.

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What are the chances of getting your money back?

Everything will depend on your file. MyChargeBack has already helped many people and knows all the procedures to do with banks to build a solid file with you and recover your money. If you want to know more about the procedure, click here.

Our Verdict.

JAFX is a scam that doesn’t have regulated licenses. We advise you to avoid this broker if you don’t want to have a problem. If you have been a victim of this broker, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment to report this broker and avoid other people from being victims.

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3 comments on ShareFounders Review

  1. I invested 7200 dollars with this broker and then I realised they were acting very funny with me getting my own profits back.
    They allowed me to get 500 dollars ones because I was suspicious about them because of the reviews I read about them. That was all I managed to get out of them so eventually that left me with a 6800 dollar loss.

  2. Scammers and frauds. Broker keep force you to invest more and more, loosing and advising he can help and get insurance and deposit bonus and pretending to help us. false promises that he can make more money and advise not to withdrew money. Totally fake, no licence to operate, (Shareholders are registered in Hong Kong) Discovered that The Hong Kong regulators have already issued a warning for Sharefounders . Face phone numbers on website which are not reachable. Fake documentation and no way of contacting them.

  3. Absolutely true guys, a total bunch of fraudsters, Started off with very small profits, then asked for £5500 for an investment in bitcoin by the broker, Roy Goldman. Said I wanted to see some action on the account first and he abandoned me. I made some profit and tried to withdraw but he stepped in, gave me my initial deposit less an undisclosed fee. Then claimed my profit was “his” commission…for nothing I guess. Then after arguing several lies came about repaying it, followed by an attempt to bribe me to remove my Trustpilot review. I saw when I get my money back I would consider it but this was then another excuse for not paying. Closed the web trader bit without permission and locked the account to prevent me from using the balance, so stolen my 59 dollars still in there. If willing to steal this small amount it shows they cant be trusted, no site numbers work, and no customer support. Do have Roys numbers if anyone want to chat to a criminal??

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