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Information about SelectedMarkets

SelectedMarkets is a new forex and CFD broker created in january 2019. Owned by Halsted Holdings Ltd based in St.Vincent and the Grenadines.

SelectedMarkets website

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What makes us think this is a scam.

SelectedMarkets has many disadvantages that tells us it’s a scam :

  • This broker proclaims to be the leader of forex trading whereas he has opened the website only for 4 months.
  • A broker from St.Vincent and the Grenadines, a country that has a bad reputation with these fraudulent offshore brokers.
  • Created in 2019 with a copyright at the bottom of 2018. It’s just a detail but it’s important to mention it.
  • FCA(UK) has issued a public warning against this broker.

Scammed by this broker, What to do ?

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SelectedMarkets final investigation.

Avoid this broker if you don’t want to be scammed. Another website from St.Vincent which is a scam. If you are a victim of this company, feel free to use our online chat to get help.

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12 comments on SelectedMarkets Review

      1. Hi,
        I have a contact at Selected Markets called Adam Cross.
        So far I have made some money, not sure whether to continue as I was also able to withdraw some.
        Any further information on this company?

  1. I think I am been conned and scammed. Lots of pressure to get me to put in more funds. I have asked for funds to be sent back to me and have received some but they tend to be reluctant to send more back to me. Lots of excuses for not doing so. My contact Point is Jay Wild and Ben Ross.

    1. Keith, they’ll give you every lame excuse in the book not to allow you to withdraw. Please do NOT give these cons another penny. They are thieves! I started my investment with Selected Markets 8 months ago and have lost most of my hard earned savings to, a total of almost $30,000. I hold Jay ‘hard sell’ Wild personally responsible for ruining my life. Constant phone calls when he is trying to get your money deposited, then all BS reasons why you can’t withdraw. He’ll also tell you there is only very little risk involved as he never trades with more than 10 per cent of your balance. Lies! When most of your money is gone, he will no longer respond to calls or emails. I have also had contact with Ben Ross, another liar. He claims he can help you recover the losses but can only do so if more money is deposited.
      The people who work for this shoddy company are the scum of the earth, they are nothing but filthy, heartless scammers.

  2. Selected Markets is a scam, unfortunately I found this out the hard way.
    Invested $17,000 and just 2 months later, I have less than $400 left in the account.
    It isn’t a case of the trading going unexpectedly downward or even trading by incompetent brokers. It’s just a scam!
    They take your $, make fake profits for a little while and then your $ disappears overnight.
    Your broker will not even acknowledge your emails or respond to phone calls from this point on.
    For anyone who is trading with this company, please STOP now. They could ruin your life as they have mine.
    Two individuals (“brokers”) to be aware of are Jay Wild and Ben Ross. Judging by my own experience with them and other reviews by clients, they are among the head scammers.
    Jay Wild is the hard sell contact to con as much $ out of you as possible. When your $ is gone, Ben Ross will step in as a “recovery manager”. He will NOT recover 1c for you, instead what might be left in your account will quickly disappear and so will he.

  3. I invest 250$, but read comments and see what this is scam. Try take money back and I can’t, say need contact with my broker.
    How I can send my money back?

  4. me & my friend lost around $30k with selected market, they statrts with small amount & then keep taking & taking, in some stage they might say they will return small amount of money as profit but remember thats mean they trying to get your trust, as soon as they return you small $ as profit immediately of that they will ask you for more investment, this is how they will build up your investment in their stock market by saying bitcoin ,US$ , Cad $ or Euro, but eventually they will keep all those big number in their account , luckily you might be able to see those figure virtually but wont be able to transfer or have any kind of control,

    once they got good $ figure out of you they will immediately turn that trade in to lose trading , thats mean you have lost all the money with the trade , so now you have ZERO $ remaining in the trade account, but literally they have done that intentionally to disolve your fund, so you understand that you have no funds available.

    this is hoe=w this company scammed so many people in Australia & across the globe,
    So people becarefull about any investment with any sharemarket saying they want to invest in Bitcoin or here & there on behalf of you & will return 300-500% return withing 2 months or 3 months times,

    they are big scammers !!!

    anything based in UK registered in St Vincient is just believable that they are BIGGEST SCAMMERS IN THE WORLD!!!
    BECAREFULL from this BUSTERED!!!!

  5. Though my money is 250 but still money. I invest in this company the very next day Adam Cross Number +44 1224928817 called me told me to add more 4000.00 and can make it to 10,000 in a day but I ignored. Then last January the same question why don’t I add more. They ask about how much is in your bank what I do in life. Last February certain Dave Roberts Phone Number +852 30088978…i am sure this person is here in HongKong. I saw the available amount is 1600.00 then after few days, it went down until 1000.00USD. I want to draw the money but I am not able to do it. Am sure this people are everywhere to work all their scheme to take peoples hard-earned money. Please help me

    1. I am the same. My contract expires today. But cannot open the web site it says cannot find, emails cannot deliver. I invested 15,000 US Dollars. Adam Cross is the broker. They wanted me to put more money ehich i refused since then they stopped contacting me and now cant even get into the web page.

  6. enligt FCA i England har företaget blivit stoppad av myndigheter och konton är frysta enligt
    FCA (kan vara klonat) så skall man åter betala kunder som blivit bedragen jag har fått ett mail från FCA ( kan vara klonat) om att jag har pengar att åter få men jag har inga bevis på att Selectedmarket är stoppad i handeln

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