GoldenCFD Review

GoldenCFD Review

8 October 2019 1 By ScamOnline
Broker :GoldenCFD
Address :Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Phone : +44 2038 077 671
Email :
Website :
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Is GoldenCFD a scam ?

GoldenCFD is an offshore broker that unfortunately has several negative points that make your money not safe if you invest in this broker. We will show you why.

goldencfd review

Who is the owner ?

Pro Star Griffith owned and operated GoldenCFD. A company based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, a country with a bad reputation for trading. We have checked the address that corresponds to the address used by all fraudulent brokers in this country.

Regulated license or not ?

GoldenCFD offers trading in Europe, targeting countries like the UK and Italy. He has no licenses from FCA (United Kingdom) or CONSOB (Italy), so he doesn’t have the right to offer trading in these countries. CONSOB put a warning about this broker because it’s active in Italy without any licenses.

Goldencfd warning
Warning from CONSOB against GoldenCFD.

Problem to withdraw money.

Like many brokers from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, it will be impossible for you to withdraw your money. Their managers will always have a pretext for not allowing you to withdraw your money. This is the best known scam in the trading world.

Our conclusion.

GoldenCFD is a scam that you must absolutely avoid or you will lose your money. With a warning about him, we can confirm that it’s a fraudulent broker.

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