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9 June 2019 10 By ScamOnline

Information about FXLeader

FXLeader is a forex and cfd trading website that also trades cryptocurrency. Created by Leadernet OR, based in Estonia according to the information on the website.

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What makes us think this is a scam.

FXLeader has many disadvantages that tells us it’s a scam :

  • They don’t have a regular license. While doing research, they have a license in St Vincent and the Grenadines which is the country where the fraudulent website take their license in general.
  • They are not allowed in the UK. Authorities advise against investing in FXLeader. Links of the article here. When a website starts to be banned it is often that there is a scam.
  • There are no rules for trading, no demo account while many official broker offer this service …
  • Using the name of another website fxleaders.com which is an information website for traders.
  • Lot of complaints on internet forex forum, Impossible to withdraw or needed to pay but you will not enable to withdraw. Managers is harassing customers to invest then they lost everythink.

Update 24/07/2019 : the scammers have closed the site to probably open another one with another name. If you are the victim of this broker, click here to start a money recovery procedure.

I was a victim of FXLeader, What to do ?

ScamOnline puts you in touch with Mychargeback which is a company specialized against fraud or internet scams. You just have to register, registration is free. Once you have registered, MyChargeBack will offer you a solution with conditions. If you agree to the terms, the procedure to get your money back will start.

You must be careful on internet. Unfortunately FXLeader is one of the many fraudulent websites, there is more and more fraudulent website, be careful when you invest. If you have been scammed, you can directly contact our Online Chat, we will help you step by step.

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