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If you are on this page it’s that you are victims of Remaxima. You are surely unable to withdraw your money, it’s the most common scam of fraudulent brokers. We can help you get your money back, this is the best legal current solution if your bank doesn’t want to help you.

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Remaxima regulation.

A broker must pay for regulated licenses to be able to offer trading. Remaxima doesn’t pay for licenses but it does offer trading which is prohibited by law.

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Your money isn’t safe with Remaxima.

To be able to offer trading, you must buy a regulatory license from a country where you want to settle. If you offer trading without licenses, you don’t respect the laws and become a fraudulent broker. Brokers who don’t have regulated licenses like Remaxima will not give you your money back because they are outlaws.

Based in a country with weak regulations.

Remaxima is based in a country where the regulations are weak regarding trading. Countries like the Marshall Islands,Vanuatu, Seychelles, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Bermuda and Bulgaria are deemed to be the location of fraudulent brokers because the legislation is weak.

Never trust the broker.

It’s essential to always check the licenses of a broker because fraudulent brokers lie to make you deposit the maximum amount of money. If you unfortunately deposit your money and are asked to pay a fee to withdraw your money, don’t do it because you will give them even more money.

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What are the chances of getting your money back?

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Our Verdict.

Remaxima is a scam that doesn’t have regulated licenses. We advise you to avoid this broker if you don’t want to have a problem. If you have been a victim of this broker, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment to report this broker and avoid other people from being victims.

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16 comments on Remaxima Review

  1. I would like to warren the people who maybe will scammed with overseas investment, my friend living in UAE scammed by broker name address (Budapest 1136 Balzac u.30 phone: +442080895062, +441144783878), they withdrew 5250$ from his account and till today not got anything. Whom helping company name WSAA (payment service provider) and (Bormancorp). The people who will call you ( D. Mashari Alawadi, D.Ahmad bin Ali, Osama Alattar, Yaser Al zian, yunis……etc.

    1. Remaxima called me many times one week before.
      Till Now I don’t make any investment.
      What’s your advice ?
      You know any trusted company.

  2. This company is one of the best SCAM companies that I have ever met in my life. They promise you 20% monthly returns and always ask to invest more money on the account so that “you can make more profit” .When I have requested a withdraw of 400 USD they refused it and they started calling me to convince me no withdraw my funds, but to Invest more. They are not regulated, they do not want to tell you who is the CEO and where is the company registered and under which company name. Ask them to show you their Stock trading history and all the other company data and do let them fool you by saying that if you pay them money, they will show you in the future how well they are trading. These people I was talking to, but the names a probable fake: Stacy Alison, Travis, Jordan, Elisabeth Gerlach.

  3. Sorry to say this two mother fucker handling with my account name is christoper the account manager other one is VIP FUCKER SORRY BROKER DAVID NEMAC ONCE YOU INVEST REMAXIMA TO TRADE ASHKING INVEST MORE MONEY ex USD 10000 DOLLARS.i just ashking my deposit back do not give the money back mother fucker

  4. I’ve invested a decent money with Remaxima this week without any doing any research about them. Am I risking my money though?

  5. I just Send 259$ to them and keep calling, he was telling me to invest more like 10k, wanted to Know if i have more Saving in Bank, or My Wife so there i knew something is wrong with them, i guess My 259$ is gone, stupid Ass MF…

  6. I am receiving avery second day a phone call from them even if I have told them that I am not interrested in their services. I did the mistake to have the first call and they tried to convince me in over than 90minutes to make a deposit. At that time I was sure sth is wrong. so the next time they called i told them that i am not interrested and I wish not to be bothered by any of their calls anymore. I Keep on hanging up on them. Today I started screeming at them telling them that I kept telling that I am not interrested and i do not wish any of them to call me anymore and that this is a harassment. the Agent was even sarcastic telling me I am rude and asking me if he wants to call the police for me after I said I will involve the Police.
    Is there any way that I can delete my infos at their platform?

    I was scammed by Peter Balog a Machiavellian conn man. He has scammed me out of all my life’s savings and my super.
    I can’t believe that Peter called me just before Christmas and conned more money out of me with more lies saying he was going to give me all my money back. I am devastated. I earned all my money as a first responder, I believe that my stolen money will revert back to how it was earned. It will buy him nothing but pain and suffering, ill health, and really bad luck. He will suffer things in his life that all the money in the world can’t fix.
    This started on 01/11/2020 when I enquired about an online trading company that was legitimate. Their add was hijacked by a scamming company calling themselves
    They had very pushy salespeople that are very good at conning honest people. They try to get you running by saying you need to start now, or you will miss out on the opportunity that exist right now. You need to STOP and do the research before you do anything else!!
    When you get a call from someone like this hang up don’t talk to them they will scam you.
    They are targeting the age demographic of over 45 years old, In Australians they call in the evening because they think all Aussies drink alcohol in the evening, and it is easer to conn someone when they are under the influence of alcohol.
    I was scammed by a very good con man using the name Peter Balog (this is probably a stolen identity), (he contacted me through WhatsApp so he could not be traced) he said he would teach me how to trade with his company and started showing me profits on the Remaxmia trading platform. (This platform was not real) He just kept asking me for more and more money saying that I needed enough money to only use 10% of my capital to trade with. Never trust someone who keeps calling you Love and dear.
    I WAS a trusting person, and I gave him everything I had, then he coned me into taking all my super out and putting that into my trading account as well. he convinced me that I could make more money trading than I could ever make in my super fund. at this stage it looked like I was making money on the metadata trading page he had put me on.
    All the money was transferred through LUNO crypto currency wallet. When I first started wanting to transfer large amounts from my bank, the bank froze my account. NAB was trying to warn me but the scammers had an answer for this. They were convincing me that the bank wants my money to stay with them so they can use it to trade with and make lots of money for the bank. They also were telling me that all the reviews that were saying that Remaxmia was a scam, were written by the banks and their competition. He is such a convincing liar; The reviews were all true. He kept saying it was all going to be ok. But the hole time he was steeling my money with no remorse.
    I didn’t know anything about trading at that time. I have since done lots of research witch I recommend to everyone that wants to start trading.
    Things to look out for: when they say guaranteed profits, when they promise you bonuses, and they only take 1% commission this is a red flag. Don’t fall for adds with flashy cars and houses, people that say they have made lots of money quickly. These are just to suck you in and get you running. Do not trust or believe adds on face book or other social media if you are thinking of doing online trading go looking for a trusted company. Check they are regulated and registered with the right authorities. Have proof of where they are. If they are on an island in the middle of nowhere don’t trust them. They need to provide you with all their contact details and who the CEO is, then you need to verify they are a legitimate trading company. Ask to see their track records month by month for the last 3 years. Avoid using WhatsApp for contact as this can’t be traced. Get a real number you can call them on if you need to. Every number they called me from was diverted and when I would try and ring them back it said the number was not connected. If you can, use video calls so you can see who you are talking to. Better still don’t talk to them because they are extremely good at conning good people. If they aren’t going to give you any of these details find someone else who will. remember these people are professional scammers and liars they are also evolving all the time. Also be aware for the companies that say they can help you get your money back most of these are also scammers working for the same company that originally scammed you.
    If you want to do online trading do the training and meet the people in person if possible. Avoid offshore trading platforms they are very risky, and you could lose all your money like I did.
    Remaxmia and other companies like this have stolen billions of dollars off people all around the world. They are very clever SCAMMERS who will probably start up under another name. Don’t trust trading platforms you will lose your money!! I am devastated I have lost all my money to Peter Balog at Remaxmia SCAMMERS.

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