PrimInvestFX Review

Broker :PrimInvestFX
Address : Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands
Phone :+4407944083433
Email :
Website :


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PrimInvestFX investigation.

PrimInvestFX is a broker which was publicly reported by the Italian financial authorities on December 16, 2019. We will show you why you should absolutely avoid this broker.


Who is the owner of PrimInvestFX ?

PriminvestFX Ltd is the owner. It’s a broker based in the Marshall Islands, a country known for its many fraudulent brokers.

Regulation of the broker.

CONSOB (Italian financial authorities) has issued a public warning against PrimInvestFX which offers trading in Europe without regulated licenses. When you are a broker, you must have regulated licenses for the areas where you want to offer trading. This broker has no licenses, so it is outlawed.

Is it easy to withdraw money ?

An offshore broker uses a scam known to all fraudulent brokers. It requires you to deposit as much money as possible and asks you to withdraw fees, but you can never withdraw your money.

Our conclusion about PrimInvestFX.

We can be sure that PrimInvestFX is a scam because it has received a public warning from a European country and doesn’t have any regulated licenses. Your money will never be safe with a broker that isn’t regulated.

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Leave us a comment if you have an experience with this broker. We receive threats from many fraudulent brokers but nothing will stop us to help you.

4 comments on PrimInvestFX Review

  1. I found it impossible for that forex website to be a scam because I was introduce to the website ASIC (Australian Securities & Investment Commission) that was based in Perth, WA. That made me believe that it was not a scam. I guess I was deceived.
    It made question that it is actually located in Perth, AUS. But at the same time, the location indicated Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands. It turned out that it is offshore.
    Now thinking about that, I have been receiving calls everyday every hour from a pestering broker with the area code (023), who keeps asking for more money to deposit even though he knows that I did not have enough funds to deposit. After making a first deposit of 200 euros, that is when it all started. When I told him it would take time to gain more required money, such as 1000+ euros to deposit, he keeps pressuring me to get more money right now. If I don’t deposit enough, he gets angry and starts swearing. I can’t believe he spoke to me in such disrespectful manner and got away with it. I am appalled.
    When I told him I want to quit trading and that trading is not for me, he didn’t want to hear it and refused to accept it.
    The worst thing is that some brokers don’t care about your financial situation(s). My broker was impatient, demanding and brusque. So I do not see myself making anymore trading, especially with broker I was put with. I wanted to recommend PrimInvestFX, but with brokers who harass me, not anymore.

  2. When I requested for a withdrawal, I was informed that will take 5 business days. 5 days later, no withdrawal went to my bank account. This is a sign that the brokers never intended to withdraw your funds and keep it to themselves. I am so angry that I have been lied to and their promises were not stuck to.

    Beware guys, it is a fake forex trading company!

    1. Ciao Pasquale se non vuoi trovarti svuotato il conto non investire neanche un centesimo questi sono Hacker che lavorano con una falsa piattaforma, ti promettono inizialmente alti guadagni per poi sparire,ciò che è successo con me..

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