omc markets Review

Information about omc markets

omc markets is a broker or there is a lot of choice in trade therm. Their head office is located in Bulgaria

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What makes us think this is a scam.

  • They have an address in Bulgaria which, by doing research, corresponds to many scams websites on forex or cryptocurrency.
  • They don’t have an official license and have several European authority warnings.
  • Their website doesn’t support MetaTrader4 which is the most used support for forex …
  • Managers are pushing you to invest more and more, and ask you for a commission to be able to withdraw …
  • You will never be able to withdraw, there will always be an excuse or a problem preventing you from withdrawing.

I was a victim of omc markets, What to do ?

ScamOnline puts you in touch with Mychargeback which is a company specialized against fraud or internet scams. Once your registration is finished, and if your file is qualified by Mychargeback, they offer you the best possible option to get your money back. Consultation is free.

You must be careful on internet. Unfortunately omcmarkets is one of the many fraudulent websites, there is more and more fraudulent website, be careful when you invest, do not hesitate to send an email to our support if you want a notice from a company before investing because it’s not a video game, if you invest your money anywhere it will be hard for you to get it back.