Olympus Markets Review

Information about Olympus Markets.

Olympus Markets is a trading broker based in Bulgaria. They have a licence from Vanuatu.


Scammed ? Get Your Money Back.

If you are on this page it’s that you are victims of Olympus Markets. You are surely unable to withdraw your money, it’s the most common scam of fraudulent brokers. We can help you get your money back, this is the best legal current solution if your bank doesn’t want to help you.

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olympus markets

What makes us think this is a scam.

  • They have a license from an offshore country. Many fraudulent companies use Vanuatu licenses.
  • Bulgaria where Olympus is located is a country where many websites are blacklisted by authorities of countries that have valid licenses.
  • It’s impossible to Withdraw, there will always be a problem. It freezes your account or asks you to invest more but you will never be able to withdraw. This is the method used by this broker to steal customers.
  • The senior manager harasses you to invest more money. Their support will no longer answer you when you will not be able to withdraw your money..

Update on July 4 2019 :
Olympus has similarity with another scam, Aspen Holding, we have a review of this broker here

You must be careful on internet. Unfortunately It’s one of the many fraudulent websites, there is more and more fraudulent website, be careful when you invest. If you have been scammed, you can directly contact our Online Chat, we will help you step by step.

19 comments on Olympus Markets Review

  1. Good day
    We have paid $250 into Olympus Market ± a month ago and we re not getting our money back from them..
    I have completed a withdraw request and was said within 5 working days I will have my money back. BUT nothing up till now..
    What is the procedure to get our money back with interest!!

    1. Hi
      I got scammed $502 US
      Olympus Markets doesn’t answer emails or calls

      Asks for more identification promising investment returns but nothing

      I want my money back

      They initially asked for $250 n kept pushing me to invest $250 more hence I’ve lost $502…

  2. Hi Pieter, Sorry for you. I did the same as you 8 days back, paid us$250.00 into a start account.
    Today I am looking into that account. They have scammed me already us$ 137.00,
    Showing my Equity of us$ 193.62 and Showing my ‘vailable Margin’ as us$113.79………

    Have you found a way to recover your money?

  3. Hi im Raineth ive deposited my 250$ and theydid ask for more and i did put 299$and aome days we make a little more profit and they told me i have to go to the bank and borrow some money i did that and pay them 2100$ now all the money with a profit make 3700$ and aome cent but yesterday they needed more. im a scareď now ive spend more than i have plz help me .im not working o thought they will make my thing go easiest. The company is OLYMPUSMARKETS

  4. Hi my name is Germinah I have also deposited 250 first week June.Im trying to get my money back they keep on phoning adviced me to put more money. Told him I need my money back he wanted reason why I need money back

    1. Sie können direkt hier klicken und sich registrieren, dies ist die beste Lösung, wenn Ihre Bank Ihnen nicht hilft. Entschuldigung für unser Deutsch, wir benutzen einen Übersetzer, Grüße.

  5. straciłam duzo pieniedzy ok. 50 tys, one sa widoczne na moim koncie Olympusa jeszcze bo to był o 2 dni temu , czy ktoś może mi pomoc odzyskac te pieniądze

  6. I have deposited almost USD 8750 with Olympus marketing from May 2019. Including profit I had USD 16498 account balance over and above credit bonus given by them.
    They were giving wrongs spread on Crude Oil (4 dollors per barrel) and I lost around USD 10490 plus on expiry of the Crude Oil position in Jun 2019 (The have trading positions with definite expiry date and it is automatically closes on the expirydate whether it is in profit/loss) thus reducing my account balance to USD 6008. I was allowed a withdrawal of USD 470 to make me confident about the transactions. Further I have made profits/losses and my account balance was USD 6250 on 16.07.2019. The Senior Accounts Manager was pressuring me to deposit more funds and never allowed my withdrawal request. When I have informed him that I can no longer deposit funds he came online through any desk and made me open few position deliberately to make my account zero balance on margin stop out call. The incident was on 16 Jul 2019 and I have lost all my money. When I have contacted them to solve my problems Senior Accounts Manager was asking me to deposit USD 4028/- so that the company will re-imburse the lost equity.
    I was not interested to deposit the money and hence did not respond to them.
    I dont know how to get the money back from them.

    1. Hi, Contact your bank to see what it is possible to do or use the link in the review to be put in touch with an expert from MyChargeBack.

  7. We are a couple who have been cheated on 9384 Euro by Olympia Markets a warning to Olympia markets and Liam Lopez. Send the fans to the psyche where he belongs, hoping that you do not have to meet him
    then he will be unhappy for the rest of his wretched life.

  8. Hi there, any way someone can help me close the Olympus acc. Struggling now from May 2019. Each time a new account manager each time they try there luck for more money. They almost emptied my acc the second time while they showed me how to close the account. He said they must link the account. A William Anderson phoned me from last week, tried again to let me traid, after a while I almost lost it when he told me I must first pay in 500USD before I can close the account!. After I send numerous emails as prove that i have tried from May to close this disaster! Today he said i must login on a computer he will show me how to close the account!. Tomorrow he wil phone again because I wasnt near a computer! Please I need help!

  9. Żądają coraz to nowych dokumentów – tym razem z podpisem. Chcą oświadczenia o zapoznaniu się z regulaminem do którego nie mogę się dostać. Żądane przez nich dokumenty ale bez podpisu zostały wysłane.

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