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Olympius Global investigation.

Olympius Global is a broker that is dangerous for anyone who deposits money with this broker. He is also associated with another broker who is a scam.

olympius global review.

An anonymous owner.

The company behind Olympius Global doesn’t have an address. It’s a company that wants to remain anonymous but because of its anonymity can’t have regulated licenses.

Link with a fraudulent broker.

OlympiusGlobal is associated with Olympia Markets which has just closed. This broker has scammed many people in Europe. CNMV issued a warning against Olympius Global which offers trading without having regulated licenses.

cnmv warning against Olympius Global.

Withdrawal problem.

Like all fraudulent brokers, you will not be able to withdraw your money, they will prevent you from withdrawing. It’s usually at this point that you realize that it’s a scam.

Our verdict.

We are certain that this broker is a scam. Avoid depositing your money or you may have surprises when withdrawing your money. Olympius Global is one of the most dangerous because it’s associated with another fraudulent broker and he has no regulated licenses.

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Leave us a comment if you have an experience with this broker. We receive threats from many fraudulent brokers but nothing will stop us to help you.

3 comments on Olympius Global Review

  1. I started in september with 250 euro and Two weeks later 3000
    My account is 81784380
    In nov/dec 12 they changed Their name and went together with olympiusglobal
    It should be morele Safe.
    I was asked to put more money, but I refused and asked for my money back/withdraw
    Contact was broeken: allways number +447585793675 and spoke with Daniël Romanov
    Now for 4/5 weeks i send them mails to:support@olympiusglobal.info
    Allways the dame answer: they make contact but nothing happens
    Even in contact with the Phone.
    I think dusappeared.
    T de walle

  2. I can tell the same story as Tjeerd van de Walle. I lost 26’000 euro. Olympia Global ist 100% scam. The follow poeple from OG lies to you without scruple: Daniel Hoffmann, Nik Hampel and Oliver Weber.

    1. Allways kinky and invité you ti invest more, because the bitcoin should raise?!
      If you are hesistating and show Your doubt about them, trust?
      Daniël allways get irritating and A little angst about not going further.
      Hé promised in december to quit as account manager and send my money inclusieve profit back to my account.
      Nothing happened till now. No calls anymore because he does not get more money and therefore no interest anymore.
      So , unfortunately no trust and until he proves the opposite , beware of scamming!

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