Obsbit Review

Broker :Obsbit
Address :Ajeltake Road, Majuro, Marshall Islands.
Phone :+44 330 027 1676
Email : support@obsbit.com
Website : www.obsbit.com

Scammed ? Get Your Money Back.

If you are on this page it’s that you are victims of Obsbit. You are surely unable to withdraw your money, it’s the most common scam of fraudulent brokers. If you have lost more than $3000, we can help you get your money back, this is the best legal current solution if your bank doesn’t want to help you.

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Obsbit is very dangerous.

Obsbit was reported by several people from Spain who were scammed. We will show you overwhelming evidence regarding this offshore broker.

obsbit review

Who operate Obsbit ?

Obsbit is operated and owned by Setonix Holding LTD, a compagny based in Marshall Island. We know from experience that all brokers from this country are fraudulent brokers.

Public warning by several countries.

Obsbit doesn’t have licenses. Many European countries have issued a public warning regarding this broker including the CNMV (Spain) because it offers trading in europe without any regulated licenses.

obsbit blacklisted from CNMV. CNMV Warning against Obsbit.

Problem to withdraw.

We don’t advise you to deposit your hard earned money at this broker. You will have trouble withdrawing your money because it’s a fraudulent broker. If he asks you to pay a fee, refuse.

Our final conclusion.

Obsbit is a scam that has received many warnings. It’s the broker that has the most warning in Europe. If you are the victim of this broker, we advise you to contact MyChargeBack who will help you to build a file with your bank to recover your money.

get your money back

Leave us a comment if you have an experience with this broker. We receive threats from many fraudulent brokers but nothing will stop us to help you.

2 comments on Obsbit Review

  1. I loose 10 000 euro, by withdrawal request nothing happend!
    Maybe you have a means by law to get money back?
    I will make a deal with you.

    kind regards
    janusz mazurek

    1. Hi Janusz, complet directly the form to be in contact with Expert from MyChargeBack, they will make a deal with you for sure.

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