Mcoinmarket Review

I am a victim of Mcoinmarket what to do ?

If you are on this page it’s that you are probably a victim of Mcoinmarket. You can’t withdraw your money, you are asked for money to withdraw or their support doesn’t answer you? It’s normal because it’s a scam. If you haven’t found a solution with your bank, we will explain the procedure to recover your money.

Mcoinmarket review

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What makes us think Mcoinmarket is a scam.

Mcoinmarket is a bitcoin platform. It uses a basic web-based platform known by another fraudulent XcoinBroker broker. Many testimonials so that of Thierry who lost more than $6000 in bitcoin. He has no contact with Mcoin because nobody answers him.

How to get my money back ?

You only have to register for free on MyChargeBack which is a company that fights against online scammers. After analyzing your registration, you will have a proposal by MyChargeBack. If you accept the proposal, your procedure to get your money back will start. It’s currently the only company offering a money recovery service with over 90% success. Many people don’t know that a recovery company exists but now you know that there is one that can help you.


We advise you before any investment in trading to take your time to choose a broker. Always look at several reviews on the same broker to be sure because brokers pay for fake reviews. Take the time to choose and never trust before doing research. Trading has always been a world with scammers and it will continue to be so unfortunately.

Feel free to leave a comment.

If you have a bad experience with this broker, leave a comment to help others avoid being scammed. We receive threats from many fraudulent brokers but nothing will stop us to help you.

11 comments on Mcoinmarket Review

  1. Mcoion Market are the biggest scam around . They took my money via and made me loose £5000 after asking me to press the wrong button on the dashboard and then said oh you pressed the wrong button. Said it was their mistake and asked me to invest?? Another£5000 to recoup the lost £5000. I refused to give them a single penny more. Spoke to my credit card company HSBC. They don’t cover crypto currency deals. Recharge back cannot do anything as Jubiter are middle men and I would call them an accomplice. So net result no money back. I would blacklist both these companies. I don’t know what regulators are doing. Mcoion Market is not registered in UK so you cannot get anything from small claims court either.
    AVOID AVOID AVOID these companies and spread the word..

  2. I am the same as you say jubiter are like the middle men and I have lost £10250 but more fool me for being an idiot and giving them the money as first of all they asked for £250 and then I send another £1000 and then the so called broker called me to say he can make more money if I send home more money and like an idiot I did and sent another £9000

  3. After reading these reviews l realise l am not the only person going through this horrible thing.
    I looked into the stock market and filled out the form to find out more. In a few days l had so many calls from brokers l found it hard to understand it all. I invested a small amount to start and then was guaranteed if l put more in l would make more enough in 2 weeks to pay the loan off and more.
    So l stupidly took out a loan for $3500, which l know doesn’t sound like much but to me it is a lot. For a week things seemed to be going OK if a bit slow. Then in two trades my entire investment disappeared to 2 trades. I was devastated.
    After that l get a call telling me that the platform is closing down and as a good will gesture they are reimbursing people who have lost their money before they closed down. The only hitch was l had to put in 18% of the return amount to start the refund process. Again l stupidly listened. Now I’m trying to pay back $5000 and am wondering why there are people out there who can do this. I so wish l never looked into this horrible market. Being on a pension and being scammed like this is devastating to say the least.

    1. Hi Sandra, sorry about your story, hope you will find a solution to get your money back. Try to contact your bank first and if they don’t want to help you, you can use MyChargeBack service, it’s probably the best choice.

    2. Hi Sandra, sorry about your story, hope you will find a solution to get your money back. Try to contact your bank first and if they don’t want to help you, you can use MyChargeBack service, it’s probably the best choice.

  4. Thank you. I am at a loss to know why I could be a stupid as to listen to these people. I have spoken to my bank and put in a fraud claim for the last lot of money I was silly enough to send them thinking it would get my money back so hopefully I will get that little bit back. I am truly devastated and find it hard to trust anyone that rings me now. Thank you for your message, it helps to know I am not alone

  5. Do not get involved with this company Mcoinmarket it is one of the scams that take your money out of your bank account .Dennis was the person I was dealing with he stole $4000 from my account . I have been in touch with my bank but no chance of getting anything back. I am now having to pay all this back as it was a credit card.When I asked for the money to pay my card all I got was a text to say Have a nice life then the account was gone telephone not recognised .I am 73 years old and just can not understand how these people can do this to anyone.

  6. I have put in £6000 since April this year, have a balance of £2600. Asked to withdraw some cash and was told that they had given me £3000 in bonuses! (Which they had) but never told me I would only be able to claim money over and above the bonus amount!

  7. Hi,
    Has anyone recovered any money from these people?
    I’m in the same situation and I looking for someone who can help recover my money.
    Please let me know.


  8. Hello, i am in the same situation. In 2019 i lost around 30000euro with this stupid scams. Never was possible to withdraw, i fund my account with 20000 euro once, and in the next minute, i lost everything, my account went to 0.
    Hopefully we can find a way to get the money back!

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