MarketsCap Review

MarketsCap is a Forex and crypto trading broker. Traders are provided both with a web-based platform because Markets Cap don’t support MetaTrader4.

MarketsCap review

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Who owns Markets Cap ?

Owned and Operated by Marketscap, based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. This means MarketsCap is an offshore brokerage firm from a country have a lot of offshore broker.

Does he have a regular license ?

He isn’t licensed in any financial authority in the world. Don’t invest in a broker that has no official license.

MarketsCap review

Deposit and withdraw.

Like all scams, once your money is deposited, you will no longer have control and it will be impossible for you to get your money back. Contact your bank directly or use a money recovery procedure service as we suggest. Registration is free and doesn’t commit you to anything.

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ScamOnline puts you in touch with Mychargeback which is a company specialized against fraud or internet scams. You just have to register, registration is free. Once you have registered, MyChargeBack will offer you a solution with conditions. If you agree to the terms, the procedure to get your money back will start.

MarketsCap final investigation

We advise you never trade at this broker or you will have bad surprises. Avoid this website. If you are a victim of this company, feel free to use our online chat.

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5 comments on MarketsCap Review

  1. I deposited the sum of 190euro to this broker MY account manager requested that I give him my account password to enable him operate the account on his own. I refused and requested for total withdrawal of my capital. He ignored my request but rather went ahead to change my password without my consent and started opening trade positions on it. I have made several attempts to communicate them but to no avail. The positions are still running at this moment but i don’t have control over the account anymore. Please i need you to help me recover my capital at least.

    1. this one? was scammed,they want me too scam.
      it just me wanted to scam, asked the number of my card and initially tried to withdraw 200 euros, and then 190 euros, and so said it has established itself account for me, so I just worked, I say let passwords give me passwords, and she says then because it is long to write and she ignored me.Thanks a God she has not withdrawn the money from my card.

  2. I’ve been scammed by this lot lost my deposit of £189. tried on numerous occasions to retrieve my money from them with emails,but no communication from them your money don’t be scammed by this SHARK company.

  3. I’ve tried on numerous occasions by Email to retrieve my initial deposit but to no avail, I eventually spoke to a woman from Marketscap and requested as to how much I had in my account as I’d invested my £189 over two years ago and couldn’t ever get a sensible answer from them as to how much I had in my account,then suddenly they sent me an email stating that I had $16,000 dollars in my account so .I then asked for them to sent me the said amount they said yes but you’ll have to pay up front £2,700 in expenses to release your investment, I said you’re having a laugh,I’ve never had to pay any money upfront to release funds from my other investments. You can see what would have happened I would have lost even more capital. Beware everyone don’t get caught out by these scammers, only just now received an email stating that Marketscap are closing down their business at the end of April ! so where is our money going to.?

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