Itrade Invest Review (

Itrade Invest Review

Itrade Invest Information

  • 💻 Website:
  • 👨‍💼 Owner: Anonymous
  • 📭 Address: N/A
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  • ⚠️ Warning: FCA has issued a public warning against this broker. We Recommend to avoid this broker who doesn’t have regulated licenses.
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Itrade Invest scam

Itrade Invest is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe with this broker, we will show you why you should not invest your money.

Disadvantages of Itrade Invest:

Itrade Invest offers trading without regulated licenses.

This is the most important point that a broker must have, a regulated license. A broker regardless of the country where he offers trading must have a regulated license. In Europe each country has its own regulations, the same for Australia (ASIC) and the United States (CFTC). Itrade Invest does not have any regulated licenses while offering trading to Europe,USA or Australia. This is a strong indicator that it is a scam.

A website recently created.

It is also a strong signal that it is a fraud. Itrade Invest has his domain name which is less than 5 years old. Serious and regulated brokers have been on the market for at least 10 to 15 years except for cryptocurrencies which is a rescent market.

Itrade Invest does not have a head office.

Itrade Invest has an address for his offices but by checking, no company is located at this address. Either there is no office or it’s just a bogus address like 90% of scammers.

Public warning against Itrade Invest.

Itrade Invest has received a public warning from FCA which is a regulated federation. Each country has its own federation for all financial services like trading, banking, loans. When a broker is reported by a known federation, you can be sure it is a scam.

Conclusion about Itrade Invest.

Itrade Invest make us want to invest our money but we can assure you that your money will be lost. You have to be careful when investing your money especially in a shark world. Please don’t hesitate to leave us a comment if you’ve been scammed into warning others.

How to get your money back from Itrade Invest.

It is quite possible to get your money back. There is always a history of banking transactions so your money is not lost. You must set up a chargeback file with your bank but be careful if it is not complete you will not be able to get your money back and often the banks will not help you because it takes time and she does not earn money, they lose money.

We offer you a legal online service where the consultation is free and depending on your case an expert will send you a proposal. You can click directly here or complete the form at the bottom of the page to be put in touch with an Expert. The consultation is free and does not commit you to anything.

What are the chances of getting your money back?

Everything will depend on your file. MyChargeBack has already helped many people and knows all the procedures to do with banks to build a solid file with you and recover your money. If you want to know more about the procedure, click here.

Start your recovery process.

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3 comments on Itrade Invest Review (

  1. Don’t trust this company at all something must be wrong as they have recently changed their website domain from .com to .io. They just aren’t professional and have an answer for everything and getting money out of them is impossible. I wish i had never seen an advert on my web browser, with a story from Sir Alex Ferguson saying this was a good thing and made him lots of money. I’m a united fan but would never trust him agin for as long as he lives. I wonder if he is aware that he has been associated with what appears to be a scam.,

  2. Please if anyone has had any dealings with this company, so called I-Trade Invest and thought you were investing into your future, think again, you are investing right into their hands, it is fake company, please please do your research, this is no joke and if you are unfortunate enough to have been sucked in by these vile sharks, then I do really feel your pain. They have scammed me out of thousands of pounds already and I would be interested to learn if anyone was able to successfully get their money back or if anyone has been able to bring a claim against them

  3. Hi I invested 250 us dollars and I lost the lot within 2 weeks they didn’t help me at all. They also wanted me to invest 2000 pounds to buy oil and when I didn’t they stopped contacting me

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