GrandfxPro Review

Broker : GrandfxPro
Address : Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Phone :N.A
Email :
Website :

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Grandfxpro is a broker that presents all the characteristics of a fraudulent broker. We will tell you why itss risky to invest in this broker.

grandfxpro review

Who is the owner of GrandfxPro ?

We didn’t find any information about the owner, we just know he is from Saint Vincent and Grenadines. A broker run by an anonymous company gives us a first warning.

Deposit and withdraw.

The types of account offered by this broker are normal, nothing to say on this point, but to withdraw, Grandfxpro uses the same way to proceed to scam you as many fraudulent brokers. You are harassed to deposit the maximum amount of money and once your money deposited, you will not be able to withdraw it and their support will not answer you anymore.

grandfxpro website

Regulated or not ?

He has no official licenses and still offers trading especially in Italy where he has already scammed several people. He has also received a warning from the Italian financial authorities (CONSOB) because it’s forbidden for a broker to offer to deposit money when you don’t have regular licenses.

grandfxpro warning
CONSOB put a warning to

ScamOnline final conclusion.

Still a broker of Saint Vincent and Grenadines that we can declare as a scam because it has no official license but still offers trading. It’s strongly advised to avoid investing money at Grandfxpro.


If you have a bad experience with this broker, leave a comment to help others avoid being scammed. We receive threats from many fraudulent brokers but nothing will stop us to help you.

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  1. Purtroppo dopo la brutta esperienza, ho iniziato a cercare informazioni su questo broker. Questo è la convalida della impostazione di questo broker. Sono stata contattata il 31 gennaio, per comunicarmi che a seguito della Brexit sono costretti a chiudere la Società e per sbloccare il mio conto dovrò versare circa € 5.000,00. Vi è stato uno scambio di telefonate, da loro a me, e diversi email. Non ho finora ottenuto nulla.

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