Get your money back.

Welcome to our money recovery page. Did you come here because you were the victim of a scam? Don’t panic, your money isn’t lost and we will detail you how to recover your money.

How to get your money back ?

ScamOnline puts you in touch with MyChargeBack which is a company that takes care of building a solid file with you to recover your money. It’s a company created in 2016 which already has many people to find their money. We have never received a negative feedback concerning them. Rated 3.8 out of 5 on trustpilot with 232 reviews, which proves their seriousness.

MyChargeBack trustpilot

They managed more than 10,000 files and already recovered several million that were returned to their owners. They work with more than 750 banks and know all the procedures to do according to your case. Once registered, you will have a quick answer and if you accept the conditions offered by MyChargeBack, your money recovery procedure will begin.

How does MyChargeBack Program work?

MyChargeback Program is custom made for clients seeking to retrieve $5000 or more in funds charged to a bank or debit card.

You must provide all the information possible (Screenshot, discussion, mails) necessary to justify that you have been scammed.

An agent of MyChargeBack will assist you from the beginning to the end of the procedure and will help you in all the steps to be carried out with your bank.

A procedure usually takes three to four months, everything will depend on your case.

What are your chances of getting your money back?

It all depends on your file, the information you have and your bank history. If your file is complete, you have a high success rate of recovering your money with MyChargeBack. You can be directly put in touch with them by completing our form below or use the livechat directly.

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