Broker : GCMASIA
Address : China
Phone :No phone support
Email : cs@gcmasia.com
Website : www.gcmasia.com

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Let’s talk about this fraudulent broker now.

Why GCMASIA isn’t a broker to advise? We will show you why it’s a scam.


Who is the owner of this broker ?

GCMASIA is own by GCMASIA and Fortrade according to the information of the website. We can’t check if Fortrade is really the owner, we just know he is the partner of this broker.

Deposit and withdraw.

To deposit money, the prices are normal but it’s for withdraw that the problems begin. We received a lot of mail from people who can’t withdraw their money blocked by the conditions imposed by GCMASIA or ask for money to withdraw.


Regulated or not regulated ?

He uses the Fortrade license to offer trading, but on the FCA website, the license doesn’t state that GCMASIA is authorized to offer trading. There is only the Fortrade site listed, you can see below that the GCM ASIA website does not appear. A broker without licenses is often the sign of a scam.

fortrade fca

Our verdict.

We are certain that this broker is a scam, it has already made many victims in Asia and especially in Malaysia. Avoid it at all costs. We have sent an email to Fortrade to have their opinion on their partner and to know if it checks their action, we will put an update on the reception of their answer.


If you have a bad experience with this broker, leave a comment to help others avoid being scammed. We receive threats from many fraudulent brokers but nothing will stop us to help you.

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  1. Goddamn scammer my dad took like a month to withdraw n still didnt get back the money.for godsake i hope this people that scam will just die

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