FXworld24 Review

Broker :FXworld24
Address :Marshall Islands
Phone :+442034778012
Email : support@fxworld24.com
Website : www.FXworld24.com
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Is FXworld24 a scam ?

FXWorld24 was reported to us by email from Jano who lost more than $2500. We will show why it’s risky to invest in a broker like this one.

fxworld24 review

Who is the owner ?

Daisy precious Ltd operating under FXworld24 brand. Another company coming from marshall islands. It uses the same address as many fraudulent brokers already reported by ScamOnline. We already have a rather negative information about this broker.

Regulated license or not ?

FXWorld24 doesn’t have a regulated license to offer trading in europe. The Italian financial authorities (CONSOB) have issued a warning about him because he offers trading in Italy without any licenses, it’s prohibited by law.

fxworld24 warning from consob

Problem to withdraw money.

Jano who sent us an email, can’t withdraw his money. At first a manager asked him to pay fees, he refused and now he has no answer from their support. This is the scam that most fraudulent brokers use, they take the most money and don’t give it back to you.

Our conclusion.

FXWorld24 who received a warning about him, is a scam coming from the Marshall Islands which isn’t surprising. Your money isn’t safe with this broker and you must avoid it absolutely.

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Leave us a comment if you have an experience with this broker. We receive threats from many fraudulent brokers but nothing will stop us to help you.

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