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Broker :Finarix
Address :Trust company complex, Ajeltake Island, Marshall Islands
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Finarix investigation.

Finarix is a broker that was publicly reported by the CNMV on December 10th. We will show you why you shouldn’t deposit your money with this broker.


Who is the owner of Finarix ?

Zolarex Ltd is the owner. It is a company based on the Marshall Islands reputed to have many fraudulent brokers. For the payment it’s the company Global Prime Management EOOD which takes care of that. She is based in Bulgaria, a country also with a bad reputation for trading.

Regulation of the broker.

Finarix is a broker that has no regulated licenses to be able to offer trading. It still offers trading, especially in Europe. He has received a public warning from the Spanish authorities (CNMV) because he operates in Europe without any licenses.

Is it easy to withdraw money ?

An outlaw broker will not give you your money back. He will ask you to pay fees or give you a false excuse so that you can’t withdraw your money.

Our conclusion about Finarix.

Finarix is for us a scam that you must avoid. Receiving a warning from a European country means that this broker is very dangerous and doesn’t respect the laws.

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Leave us a comment if you have an experience with this broker. We receive threats from many fraudulent brokers but nothing will stop us to help you.

4 comments on Finarix Review

  1. I have started trading two years ago hoping to augment my retirement pension that is barely enough to buy my basic needs and maintenance medicines. I used my credit card to deposit at Binary Online that became Finarix last year. I thought I can withdraw the amount to pay for the monthly interest but they said it cannot be because of certain policy that I have received a bonus that they have not explained to me beforehand. My account have the current balance of $7,494.66 and I wish to withdraw at least $5,000.00 to settle my bill from the credit card.
    I am a sick man and am hoping someone to help me to ease my agonizing problem.

  2. I started trading 2yrs ago hoping to increase my earnings. I used my credt card to fund my binary account later on it became finarix. I can not withdraw in my account earnings because they are telling that i have a bonus that thus not met yet the turn over. That bonus was not explained earlier the consequences of it. How do i get help?

  3. I got a phonecall from a lady by the name of Whitney Rose from a company by the name of Binary Online telling me about their crazy promotion this was supposedly because of the World Cup football, I only had to deposit the minimum amount of $250 and they would make up the difference of $4750 to enable Algo-Trading Solutions Software to trade the account, after a month I wanted to withdraw some of the profits to service my credit card, however I was told to deposit a further amount of $250 in order to qualify to withdraw from my trading account, which I did only to be told that I had to do a certain number of trades bonus/3 which equated 1584 trades, so I traded until it reached my target of 1584 trades my portfolio had grown to over $16,000 so I again put in for a withdrawal request of $500 to service my credit card, however a Dan Morris gave me some crazy formula and told me I had not reached my allotted turnover requirement even-though I had an Email stating the number of traded to qualify for a withdrawal, I have forwarded that mail to them and they still refused a withdrawal in the meantime the markets has turned and my portfolio was decimated even-though I gave strict instructions that a Stop Loss had to be implemented on all my trades which was ignored by Finarix, I have told them that I hold them responsible for any losses as they disregarded all my instructions regarding implementing a Stop Loss policy to minimize any losses and safeguard the portfolio.

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