Fibonetix Review

Fibonetix broker investigation.

We are going to investigate Fibonetix which presents negative signals and is probably a scam.


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What makes us think Fibonetix is a scam.

We show you the evidence that confirms that this broker is a scam :

  • Still a broker who has no license but still offers trading in Europe and especially in France.
  • Blacklisted by the French financial regulator because he offers trading when he doesn’t have a license.
  • There are no conditions to trade on their website so there is possibility to block your money easily without conditions.

Got scammed by this broker, What to do ?

You only have to register for free on MyChargeBack which is a company that fights against online scammers. After analyzing your registration, you will have a proposal by MyChargeBack. If you accept the proposal, your procedure to get your money back will start. It’s currently the only company offering a money recovery service with over 90% success.

We advise you before any investment in trading to take your time to choose a broker. Always look at several reviews on the same broker to be sure because brokers pay for fake reviews. Take the time to choose and never trust before doing research. Trading has always been a world with scammers and it will continue to be so unfortunately.

Our final conclusion.

We can confirm with certainty that this broker is a scam to avoid. You can directly use our Online Chat if you have been a victim of this broker. Feel free to leave a comment of your experience with this broker to prevent other people from being scammed.

6 comments on Fibonetix Review

  1. I only invested 500 euro. A broker was then regularly on the phone 2 or 3 times a week. My account grew quickly to over 1000 euros then the heavy sell started to invest between 10,000 and 25,000 euros. I said I was concerned about being able to withdraw funds. They did a trial withdrawal of 50 euros which was done instantly. This was to try to convince me to invest further. I decided to close my account and requested any funds returned. I was initially told it would take up to 10 working days. Nothing happened. I sent numerous emails which were initially responded to with vague promises, but when nothing happened and, I asked for more information, I was unable to log into my account and stopped getting any response to my emails. A total scam. Stay clear. They promise the earth, but if something appears too good to be true, then it is.

  2. fibonetix is directly a criminal firm they manipulate the spreads to 10 to 30 procent and make the spreads as op charge and close charce eks NASDAQ WAS IN 7000 ON THERE SIDE YESTERDAY BUT ON OTHER WEBSIDES NASDAQUE WAS ON 7800. eudollar 103-118, other sides 110. Fibonetix does these operations when they want to scam their customers, they also overgear with up 500 times. They trade against the custermers. wish trends and withdraw. I called europool on skype but my french didnt be so good but the should be arrested as soon as possible.

  3. yo no solo he perdido lo invertido si no que tuve unas ganancias estratosfericas y cuando se dieron cuenta lo cortaron y no puedo entrar en la web de las inversiones, no se que hacer
    Un saludo

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