ETHProfits ( Review

ETHProfits is a dangerous company.

We will tell you why your money is not safe with ETHProfits and how what you can do to get your money back.. All of our reviews are based on research carried out by professionals.


ETHProfits regulation.

This is the most important point that a broker must have, a regulated license. A broker regardless of the country where he offers trading must have a regulated license. In Europe each country has its own regulations, the same for Australia (ASIC) and the United States (CFTC or SEC). ETHProfits does not have any regulated licenses while offering trading to Europe,USA or Australia. This is a strong indicator that it is a scam.

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ETHProfits has a newly created website.

It is also a strong signal that it is a fraud. All fraudulent sites create sites that are generally 1 to 2 years old and disappear to recreate another domain name. ETHProfits has a domain name that was created less than two years ago and is therefore part of this dangerous category of financial company. A good company has a site that is regulated and is on the market with over 10 years of experience.

No address for this company.

ETHProfits does not give information about his country of origin. A company that offers financial services must give an address and have a license in the country where it is located.

Public warning against ETHProfits.

The most important thing for a financial company is to have one or more licenses regulated according to the countries to which it offers its services. Unfortunately for ETHProfits, He does not have regulated licenses and therefore does not have the right to charge you money for a financial service. The FCA (UK) has issued a public warning against ETHProfits. He is on a European blacklist which confirms to us that it is a scam.

ETHProfits will try to take the most money from you.

You will be harassed by this company once your money is deposited. Their money will ask you to deposit more if you want to withdraw or pay taxes. We advise you not to do this because you will lose even more money. If you refuse to give them more money, they will talk badly to you and ignore you.

How to get your money back?

If you are a victim of this broker, you must complete the file below or use the online chat if the amount lost is greater than $5,000 to be put in direct contact. Your chances will depend on several things like payment history, method of payment. Each file is different but MyChargeBack knows all the procedures to speed up your file. If you want to know more about the procedure, click here.

Our conclusion.

ETHProfits is unregulated and therefore cannot offer trading. If you have deposited your money with this company it will be difficult to get it back. We can say with certainty that it is a scam and we invite you to fill out our form for a chargeback. It is free and does not commit you to anything.

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2 comments on ETHProfits ( Review

  1. These are scammers!
    These are scammers!
    They call you several times a week and this for months on end with hundreds of different phone numbers.
    When you want your money back, this all turns out to be very complicated and certain programs have to be installed on your computer. These are to take over your computer. I still have not got my money back after many attempts, emails and phone calls and will never get it back. They just want more money and the number of phone calls is driving me crazy. You get a contact person, but dozens of other people call you every time.
    When you want to withdraw your money, you get phones again from other companies that supposedly want to help you, but they only want to get your data, identity. They also ask for a copy of your identity card. I didn’t go into all of this myself, because I’d known the deception for a while.
    Scandalous practices and a scandalous company! You will lose all the money you invest anyway!

  2. Definitely a scamming company!!!
    I saw the Tesla add on social media and thought I should find out what the crypto world is about and invest, then once I made my first $250 USD investment I received a call from a lady that had given me a 5 digit code and that I will be receiving a call from an account manager and I will need to make sure he quotes these 5 digits a a security step. At this point I had no reason to think that these people are scammers and also
    read everything on their website which covered most of the questions I had about the company and of course trusted my account manager and everything he said.
    I recently invested with Ethprofits in early July of 2022 a total amount of $9,350 AUD.
    I have now profited a total of $23,700.
    I decided to withdraw my funds and I had a service representative who advise me that I will need 20% of funds in order to withdraw my money. 
    I was surprised as I was not advised about this 20% commission and I told the representative that I don’t have these kind of funds. The amount they were after was for $6,600 AUD and I was told by the representative that his sure i will find it and if not I can borrow it from someone this made me so furious that I told him what I thought and hung up.
    Two days later he contacts me to see if I got the funds I had abused him again and hung up on him.
    I had contacted and emailed their support team and advised them of this and that I don’t have the money to withdraw my funds and that there’s no reason why they can’t take it out of the profits, of course they apologised and advised me they will have this all settled asap.
    I had made a small withdrawal earlier on when I initially invested, I wanted to see if it was easy to withdraw my funds and it was simple just filled out the withdrawal information on their website and the money of only $100 AUD was in my bank account in less than 10min, I thought wow that was easy. My account manager did not disclose any information regarding any fees commissions etc.. at the time of the withdrawal and of course he wouldn’t because I would’ve definitely not invested. Since wanting to withdraw my funds all communication with my account manager has ceased because he knows he lied to me and that his a rat.
    I have been dealing with another manager and have been trying to get my money back but they refuse to release my money unless I now pay 10%. I asked if they can take the commission out of the profits and he declined.
    I have now spent 3 weeks trying other ways to get my money, so I said can I only take out a smaller amount he said he will find out but doubts that I can do that a week went by and never heard back from him apparently he was off sick poor thing..
    He now has told me that it is a requirement of Binance to transfer 20% of my funds into my Binance account in order to convert the funds from USD to AUD I said so now Binance need the funds Ethprofits don’t so which one is it?? He would mock me and tell I’m not understanding like I haven’t worked out just how his lied to me, this low life is a pathetic excuse for a human being as I explained right from the beginning I didn’t have those funds and now that I know there only trying to get more money from me even if I did have it I wouldn’t be that stupid to give them more.
    So I asked him to email me the details of the withdrawal process as I could not find anything on their website and his response was your not understanding me… really!!!! I hung on him and emailed and contacted their support team that I want to speak to someone from their legal team and that I refuse to deal with the manager that was currently handling my withdrawal, they replied and said they will have someone contact asap I’m still waiting……
    So now I’m finally attended to by Paul Spencer from the legal department and I’ve explained to him I don’t have the funds to withdraw my funds so he said not to worry I can help you with that and explained to me only under extreme circumstances he will offer me this – he wanted to assist me in online personal loan applications so I can borrow the money in order for me to use the funds I borrowed to give to them …wow I don’t know how low these people can go but I couldn’t help but loose my #%*#!!
    So now I have been contacted by a guy by the name of Clyde and he says that ETHPROFITS are closing down and that all my funds will be deposited into my account I thought woohoo but that didn’t last apparently now I need to put the amount of 2 Etherums into my coinbase account for the following reason:

    The final requirement is to perform a wallet synchronization. It is a 100% private send cryptocurrency. It uses a
    privacy protocol that cannot be compromised by other users’ activity on the network. It creates a unique
    channel. It also gives protection to your coin. Then you can easily move the USDT coin from one wallet to another wallet without getting noticed by the law. It’s a guarantee that: To follow the process with certainty is to
    get the money safely.
    Is this a load of crap or what it’s just another way so they can be sneaky and steal your funds that they’re requesting right from under your nose so it can’t be traced.
    I can’t believe these serpents!!!

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