Emporio Review

Broker :Emporio Trading
Address : Transpacific House, Lini Highway, Port Vila, Vanuatu
Phone :+442080775758
Email : support@emporiotrading.com
Website : www.emporiotrading.com

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Is Emporio Trading really a scam ?

We will show you why we think Emporio is a scam.

emporio trading

Who is the owner of this broker ?

Emporio Trading LTD is the owner of this broker. Still a Vanuatu-based broker that has flexible legislation regarding trading. That’s why many offshore brokers come from this country.

Consultation and Registration are free.

Deposit and withdraw.

To open an account you will need $10000, which makes Emporio one of the most expensive brokers. To withdraw your money, many people have left testimonials on different forex forums stating that it’s impossible to withdraw their money.

emporio trading review

Regulated or not ?

Like many Vanuatu brokers, Emporio doesn(t have regular licenses to offer trading in Europe. He still offers his services and has received a warning from the Spanish financial authorities (CNMV). It’s forbidden for a broker to offer trading in europe without having obtained the license of the country where you offer your services.

emporio warning

Our verdict.

With a warning from a European regulator, we are certain that Emporio is a scam that you should avoid if you do not want to lose your money.


Leave us a comment if you have an experience with this broker. We want to prevent other people from being scammed like Juan. We receive threats from many fraudulent brokers but nothing will stop us to help you.

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