Cryptocurrency Scams

New market, New problems.

Cryptocurrency is a virtual money. The market is unstable but fascinates many people who are interested in it. Unfortunately, scammers are happy to be able to scam a lot of people. Being a new market, many companies take advantage of it to create fake currencies, false exchanges. Even one of the biggest exchanges like Binance is not immune to a hacker.

Different Cryptocurrency Scams :

Pump and Dump

This technique is often used by groups of rich people. He selects a currency, sets a goal to achieve when the currency pump they sell everything and make a huge dump, those who followed do not have time to react.

Investment Clubs

Many scammers create fake investment experts site because the market is new. Many people fall into the trap because they will go to the first site that promises them world and wonder. Use a site like Coinmarketcap when you start and look at the currencies that interest you so much you can help in your investment. Be careful however some currencies are also scams.

Fake Exchanges

When you buy cryptocurrencies, you buy them on exchanges. Unfortunately as forex, there are false exchanges that take advantage of the growing awareness of bitcoin to scam. We advise you to take a look in our review to see the good and bad companies .

Fake Wallets

Cryptocurrencies are stored in wallets. The problem is that there are a lot of scams with wallet including companies that creates new currencies (ICO) to scam many people. Always look at the information when you are interested in a project.If you think you have been victimized by a cryptocurrency scam, ScamOnline can help you in your steps and the consultation is free. An error in cryptocurrency can be expensive and complicated to get your money back, Click here for help.