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Information about CoinTrades24

CoinTrades24 is a website where you can buy cryptocurrency and trade directly online. CoinTrades24 domain was created in 2019 and expires in 2020

Which makes us think of a scam.

CoinTrades24 have a lot of problem which confirms us that it is a scam :

  • A site in html while there is new technology that allows to make sites in php. Often html sites are created by scammers from central africa, including nigeria because it’s not expensive to create.
  • No information on the company, there are only the emails of the support. When you are a serious company, you always give an address and a phone number especially when it comes to an investment site
  • CoinTrades use images found on google of other site speaking on bitcoin. They do not possess any valid license, the testimonials are fake.
  • Domain name was created in 2019 and has a duration of only one year. All scammers use this method, gets the most money and opens a new website with a new name.
  • CoinTrades will ask you for money to be able to withdraw but you will never be able to withdraw even by paying the requested money.

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I was a victim of CoinTrades24, What to do ?

ScamOnline puts you in touch with Mychargeback which is a company specialized against fraud or internet scams. Once your registration is finished, and if your file is qualified by Mychargeback, they offer you the best possible option to get your money back. Consultation is free

You must be careful on internet.

Unfortunately CoinTrades24 is one of the many fraudulent websites, there is more and more fraudulent website, be careful when you invest, do not hesitate to send an email to our support if you want a notice from a company before investing because it’s not a video game, if you invest your money anywhere it will be hard for you to get it back.

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