CFD2FX Review

Broker :CFD2FX
Address : Beachmont, Box 1510 Kingstown, St. Vincent & Grenadines
Phone : 447520665025
Email : &
Website : &

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If you are here it’s to know why this broker isn’t reliable, we will show you why it’s a scam.

cfd2fx review

Who is the owner of this broker ?

CFD2FX is operated by Lion Finance Ltd . A company that owns 2 different sites for the same name. By experience, we are certain that this company will soon close one of the two websites because it has succeeded a warning from Italy because it doesn’t have an official license to offer trading but scam people from Italy .

Deposit and withdraw.

Account types aren’t progressive. We must deposit at least $250 then at $5000. To withdraw his money, we received an email from Fabio who has not yet managed to recover his money he deposited $750 at this broker.


Regulated or not ?

CFD2FX doesn’t have any official licenses and offers trading in Europe. It’s forbidden to offer trading in Europe without regular licenses. He has also received a warning from the Italian financial authorities (CONSOB) for having proposed trading in Italy.

cfd2fx warning
Warning from CONSOB

Final conclusion.

With two websites to scam more people and a consob warning, CFD2FX is a scam you absolutely must avoid.


Leave us a comment if you have an experience with this broker. We want to prevent other people from being scammed like Juan. We receive threats from many fraudulent brokers but nothing will stop us to help you.

3 comments on CFD2FX Review

  1. Goldmancfd is a scam broker of the highest order.Alex Massoni is the person I dealt with and is a crook of the highest order. I had a balance of 720,000 in the account. He wanted me to deposit additional funds and refused to allow me a withdrawal of 1000 and then proceeded huge losing trade towipe out the account.

    1. Alex Massoni scammed me as well. He said he’s based in Austria and works for a company called Platinium Fund. He pressures you to put money into a scam account. He steals your information by installing Remote Access Tools like Anydesk to steal your information on your computer device and pretends to make you money but he’s actually robbing you and sending the money to organised criminals in Russia. There’s no way of withdrawing your money. If you put your bank account details, they’ll rob you again and more. Beware they sell your information onto criminal so expect malice suspicious activities virus attack and malware increase.

  2. Hello i’m also been scamed from Alex Massoni, i have lost 20000euro in another company , then Alex Massoni called me at said to me he had found the money , he provided me with a lot of documemt telling me i should pay invoice 2000 euro in taxes and feeds , i payed the invoice , but after the payment everything went wrong , and now Alex Massoni is desapered. So don’t Work with him he is a scammer.

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