CCTMarket Review

CCTMarket is a cryptocurrencies broker. There is very little information on CCT Market but much more information to invest in cryptocurrencies

CCTMarket website

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Who owns CCTMarket ?

They are owned by PHHLT Marketing Limited, registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). Many forex brokers are from SVG and known to have no official license.

Does CCT Market have a regular license ?

There is no regular license. CCT has received several warnings from various financial authorities including the UK (FCA) and the Austrian (FMA).


Deposit and withdraw Problem.

Many people complaints have been registered against CCTMarket or people have lost more than $ 15,000. Don’t deposit your money at this broker or you will not be able to withdraw.

This is the scam most used by scammers, once your money deposited, You will have no answer from their support. If this is your case, contact your bank directly to oppose or register on MyChargeBack to start a procedure to recover your money.


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CCTMarket Final Investigation.

A broker to avoid who has no regular license and who benefits from the non-information of customers to scam. Feel free to contact our online chat directly if you are the victim of a scam, and leave a comment if you had a bad experience with this broker.

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  1. He sido estafado por
    Unos 13000 euros entre el 27 de mayo y 10 de Julio y no me queda nada.

  2. I invested a total of 7583,00 euro and after various attempts,they where asking for other money and told me that if i dont pay taxes,Im unable to make withdrawal and that my account has been frozen….they played this card,I think that they know,that people like me dont have the financial means to make a case against them(seeing that these money invested from my side,was the only money i had)..all the falls promises made by them…i would really appreciate if you can help me recuperate atleast some of my money(which i also have to pay back a personal loan made to get to the amount written above

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