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If you are on this page it’s that you are victims of BTSave. You are surely unable to withdraw your money, it’s the most common scam of fraudulent brokers. We can help you get your money back, this is the best legal current solution if your bank doesn’t want to help you.

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BTSave regulation.

A broker must pay for regulated licenses to be able to offer trading. BTSave doesn’t pay for licenses but it does offer trading which is prohibited by law.

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Public warning against this broker.

The FCA has issued a public warning against BTSave. That is to say that he has offered trading in a country where he doesn’t have a regulated license. A broker who receives a public warning is a scam.

Your money isn’t safe with BTSave.

To be able to offer trading, you must buy a regulatory license from a country where you want to settle. If you offer trading without licenses, you don’t respect the laws and become a fraudulent broker. Brokers who don’t have regulated licenses like BTSave will not give you your money back because they are outlaws.

Never trust the broker.

It’s essential to always check the licenses of a broker because fraudulent brokers lie to make you deposit the maximum amount of money. If you unfortunately deposit your money and are asked to pay a fee to withdraw your money, don’t do it because you will give them even more money.

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What are the chances of getting your money back?

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Our Verdict

BTSave is a scam that doesn’t have regulated licenses. We advise you to avoid this broker if you don’t want to have a problem. If you have been a victim of this broker, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment to report this broker and avoid other people from being victims.

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31 comments on BTSave Review

    1. Scammed By BTSave?? Becoz i have ever register and got so many call from many number Europe number…and i ever talk with one of the Brookes i almost transfer with bank card…please if it is real they scammer…

  1. nur abzoge habe 255 einbezahlt mittlerweile sind es 935 die ich nicht sehen werde. am Telefon wenn man abheben will wird man als hund bezeichnet usw laut denen habe ich mit 3 Leuten telefoniert die für mich alle gleich klingen Daniel Weber war mein Broker

    1. hello yes everyone sounds the same. Sven Wagner Otto Schmidt, Anne Beafort, Sheryl Brown…

      When you go log in and then go on Edit profile you see there says Withdrawal. Have you tried withdraw on your own? I tried I am now curious if i can get somethingback.

  2. I have payed 250 euro to a guy with the name Paul Evans.
    I would not invest 5000 ore 10000 $ and have not heard from him since.

  3. All seemed up and great.
    Been scammed out of £250 actually $250 mid-night yesterday. His name is Michael Morgan. He went through all the details and helped me through what I had to do.
    Passwords etc. Says your dealer will call you at 10:00 which is today. Says that ask him your password to be sure.
    I e-mailed my drivers licence as proof of ID and on checking this morning, the e-mail was returned undelivered.
    I tried to call the same number he called me from but it seems to be a US dialogue.


  4. I received a call from Jett Wilson and he explained about out of trading. Then he transferred call to another guy Bill and he persuade me to invest 250 Euro. I hesitated and said I don’t have any information about you and wanted to check it first then only I can pay. However he was not leaving me and took more than an hour and finally I paid what he requested. But I thought that this was the same company who I am currently dealing with forex. But these people were different. Next day I told them I wanted to withdraw money. They introduced ChristopherWilliams, senior analyst will support me. I told him I wanted to withdraw the money. But this man says I have to purchase 300 worth euro bitcoin and asked to log in another website sax io. I asked why should I pay.Because I already paid and wanted to get back that money. He says when we request the withdrawal request it will come to him and he is processing it through this site. But the funny thing is we pay 300 and he gives it back. Where is the original about we paid? Luckly the payment didn’t made at that point, so only I lost 250Euro.

    1. Heb juist hetzelfde voor 250 euro kwijt! En ben mijn e-mails kwijt dus weet niet meer hoe ik mij daar moet inloggen.Hoe krijg ik mijn 250 euro terug??? Was een Nina….

  5. Philip Brown from UK phoned me and then put me onto my dealer, Ruby. Philip got me to pay $250 and now that Ruby is asking for more to invest for me I am not happy. I would like to get my money back but if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! I should have trusted my gut.
    Can anyone help please!

    1. someone called ruby cavendish ? i had to deal with her too and she tried scamming me also by using anydesk and wanted to withdraw money from my bankaccount into the btsave account , it is due to my bank that the drop didn’t go thru . or she would have dropped 10000 Euro into their account at btsave . last friday the 8th of may 2020 i got called by a guy called evan that they want to close my account and that i still have 555 UsDollar on there and they want to call tomorrow to make things in order for me to recieve my money , but even their site is offline … so we will see otherwise it is a loss i profits that i apparently had made

  6. Same incident here. I got call from Eli McCarter, requested me to deposit USD250. I did, then requested tht i provide him prove of identity. He said that a Senior Broker will liaise with me. Now the link he gave not able to load. How to get back my USD250?

  7. Oops if what I’m reading is true, then it means I’m also a victim of the same damn crockes, they speak nice to entice you and once you buy their stories you start imagining things only to get the surprise of your life, you get access denied ,phone numbers just a pile of dung but once Philip or Chris phone they use many lines to blind gold not to know which line trace them

  8. hallo wie bekomme ich das geld was ich investiert habe wieder, ich bin genauso ein opfer des betruges gewurden wie alle anderen , aud dem konto sind jetzt 822€ die ich gerne hätte. nur bekomme ich keinen mehr ans tel, geschweige email

  9. BTSave is a scam. You can deposit money and trade, and first, they might let you withdraw, but that is to lure you in.
    I opened an account and deposited 250 EUR. After some trading, I had made profit, so I withdrew 190 EUR. This went fine, so I felt like it was possible to deposit more, some 2500 EUR.
    After a while, I wanted to withdraw the same 2500 EUR, but this has not been possible. There is no automated withdrawal functionality, only a withdraw “request”, and my requests have not been honored. The customer support was also top-notch until I wanted to withdraw, after which my emails to my account manager and to the support contact have gone unanswered. The support phone numbers also do not answer, and the “direct number” to my account manager isn’t accepting calls.

    It’s a scam. Avoid.

  10. Just got 300 american that was to pay and set up broker yesterday now they tried to get 300 off me now so i could start trading but the bank rejected the transfere might have saved that but lost the first 300

  11. After depositing 250 euros i was then contacted by a Adam Dollan who then set up an account and a page where i could view my profit’s he invested in Netflix and i watched as he made $22 in a matter of minutes he then set an account up with cryptopayme where i could withdraw my profits, the next week i saw my account $2000 went in, on the weekend he convinced me to invest £5000 WHICH I STUPIDLY DID, on Friday 31st Jan he rang and again tried to get me to invest a further £9000 which i declined he then told me he was going to put £1000 in to my personal account he then put me on to a woman called Nancy who told me a company called would contact me and ask me two questions 1 do i authorise this payment 2 am i acting on my own to which i should answer yes, they did did contact me two seconds later did i authorise a payment of £9000 i hung up and checked my account and they somehow taken the money it was still showing in my account but not the available balance Jupiter rang again and asked did i authorise this payment i told them no thankfully the money went back to my account however Adam Dollan was ringing me right up to the eleventh hour AVOID AT ALL COST

    1. Receive a call from a company called and wanted me to invest 250 euros. They said they were different to another that was coming up as a scam. I have not invested yet and they are persistent on their calls. Just wondering what the story is on as there is little information on them?

  12. I also transferred $ 250, they first wanted to activate my account, with that they needed my bank code, which I did not give, then I did not trust it anymore anyway I transferred and later they wanted me to download anydesk to watch, then I was sure that I had been scammed. But a week or so later, I had to send papers to verify the account, I did otherwise I could not withdraw money, which I could not. Had spoken with Anthony Williams, Eliot Cohle, Logan Baley and Amy Moore.
    But also at My Safe Market I was scammed for $ 230, was immediately confused as I had to deposit something at BTSave, but was a different company, but I think the same scammers saw in the mails . With this it was Lex Holland, Thomas who asked me to open my bank accounts via anydesk, which I did not do. Later I saw in a program that they could see my data from the bank via a second screen, if an account is opened via anydesk. In the telephone conversation you just heard a call center in the background, what a bunch of dirty scammers, that they may end up in hell, before they get people into trouble.

  13. I deposited US$250 in November. now cannot log onto the page even. emails are bouncing as well. Phoebe Williams is the lady I dealt with. Now I have lost my job, and I desperately need to get my money back, to pay school fees, and I just cannot get hold of them

  14. Bij bitsave en bij speedybits heb ik €250,00 ingezet.
    Eric klein vertelde mij dat hij mijn geld wilde storten. Ik opende mijn account .In december haalde hij €2000,00 van mijn rekening.
    Mike Novak vertelde mij mijn geld terug te geven. Volgens hem zou ik €23000,00 op mijn account hebben. Ik legde hem uit dat ik dom was geweest om via anydesk Eric Klein in mijn bankaccount te laten komen. Hij vroeg mij om mijn bankaccount te openen zodat hij geld kon storten op mijn rekening. Ik zei hem dat hij geld op mijn rekening kon storten zonder dat ik mijn rekening hoefde te openen. Mike zei dat hij alleen op die manier de transactie kon doen en vroeg of ik de €23000,00 niet wilde. Ik zei hem dat ik niet alles in één keer terug hoefde , alleen wat ik nodig had om uit het rood te komen. Hij verzekerde mij dat hij alleen nodig had om te kunnen storten en verzekerde mij dat hij géén geld van mijn bankaccount zou halen. Hij vertelde dat de bank de transactie blokkeerde met een groot geldbedrag via die weg. Dat hij met kleinere bedragen op mijn rekening ging storten Ik stelde voor om de bank te bellen. Dat was niet nodig, zei hij , hij kon het zo oplossen. Dus opende ik mijn account . Hij deed snelle trasactie en in plaats van dat het geld op mijn rekening kwam was er 5x€500,00 van mijn rekening gehaald. Ik belde mijn bank. Zij accepteerden het niet als fraude en willen hun inmiddels€4500,00 terug.
    Ik heb een account bij Wealth capital , waar ik begonnen ben. Mike Novak , Daniel Brian, Eric Klein zeiden van Wealth capital te zijn. Joshua Cooper Jason Clarke van btsave. Mike Novak zei op een later moment van Jupiter te zijn , waar naar later bleek dat ik daar ook een account heb staan op mijn naam , waar ik niet in kan komen. Hoe dom kon ik zijn?!. Nu vreselijk in de problemen om alles aan de bank te betalen. En dat alles om een misverstandrekening bij de beslastingdienst op te lossen en mijn kinderen iets extra’s te kunnen bieden.

  15. BT is pure evil. Nasty nasty people who put much effort and aggression into defrauding. Their names change regularly – I had dealings with a Finn Hamilton and a Nancy Skinner from Greece she said. I wanted to invest in a number of these online investing companies to see whether any of them were genuine. BT Save is by far the nastiest I have encountered. Threatening and unpleasant with an chilling underlying evil. Don’t have anything to do with them.

  16. They are constantly calling and persistent and aggressive. They are always changing their names trying to fool you into believing they are a different company. They are sinister and don’t let up. I am wondering how to stop their calls and if anyone in authority is doing anything about them?

  17. I’ve been conned by this group of people, I sent $250 with a rushian woman calling herself kaci and as everyone else never heard from her since, DO NOT give any of these smooth talking con artists,

  18. Good morning, my name is Przemyslaw and I would like to describe my situation. So my adventure with BTSAVE began around February 17, when we sent my fiancée money to BTSAVE, at the beginning everything looked right, my broker called me and all the time he urged me to he took a loan from a bank of 3000 pounds, then the profits will be faster. After about two weeks, my broker Fred Davis called me again and asked if I settled something because it would help him to collect money faster on my account, when I told him that I had no money to arrange such money because I am not an entrepreneur, I do not even have a credit card, then he said that it is okay and he would like something or maybe his company would give me a loan to start.
    After thinking, I thought that it was not for me but I made a mistake and it was not for me, but Mr. Fred said that I was not wrong and hung up. After returning home, I wanted to log in to the executioner and it turned out that such a kato does not exist, I tried to contact the company, but the email was also deleted, so I feel cheated by this company and if possible I would ask for help in recovering my money Thank you and warm regards, Przemyslaw

    1. The same person also called me, a liar, I asked him about withdrawal, he started to lie because there should be no problem in the withdrawal policy and he told me that I had to pay the equivalent of the amount that is on the account to withdraw because it is his withdrawal policy and the contract will stop him me, I laughed and said that there was no such thing, it was not nice and threatened me.

  19. Don’t deposit any money into BTSAVE because you will never get it back. Their recall does not work in any way as soon as you enter there is no way out. They have a withdrawal policy, but they don’t stick to this crap they tell, they tell the truth if they don’t lie. Don’t believe them, they are calculating crooks and thieves.

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