Axe Invest Review

Broker :Axe Invest
Address : Ajeltake Island, Majuro Marshall Islands MH 96960
Phone : +442080893060 & +41225017515
Email :
Website : &

Scammed ? Get Your Money Back

If you are on this page it’s that you are victims of Axe Invest. You are surely unable to withdraw your money, it’s the most common scam of fraudulent brokers. We can help you get your money back, this is the best legal current solution if your bank doesn’t want to help you.

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Let’s talk about Axe Invest

Axe Invest is a offshore broker. Why ? Because it’s all about a scam and we’ll show you why you don’t have to invest in this broker.

Axe Invest

Who is the owner ?

Axe Invest is owned and operated by Madar Partners LTD. A company based in Marshall Island, a country known for these many offshores brokers.

Can’t withdraw money

Axe Invest acts as many fraudulent brokers. Managers ask you to invest money by harassing you and once your money is deposited, can’t withdraw, and no more answers from their support.

Regulated or not ?

He has no regulated licenses. That is with even a Marshall Islands license, he can’t offer trading outside of this country. The Australian regulators (ASIC) have also put a warning about this broker that offers trading in Australia without any licenses. Receiving an ASIC warning means that we are dealing with a scam.


Axe Invest is a scam that doesn’t have regulated licenses. We advise you to avoid this broker if you don’t want to have a problem. If you have been a victim of this broker, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment to report this broker and avoid other people from being victims.

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6 comments on Axe Invest Review

  1. I’ve’invested’ $5500 in July/August 2018
    which I could NOT get anything back
    And then deposited another $2000 on 30July 2019 which they said would enable them to pay back my initial ‘investment’!!
    Up till now – NO payment received!

  2. yo inverti en diciembre del 2018 250 euros y despues de reclamarselos muchas veces por escrito y por telefono hasta el dia de hoy miercoles 26 de rfebrero del 2020 no me han constestado , esta gente son unos ladrones estafadores .

  3. Hände weg von diesem sogenannten Boker
    ich habe in mehreren Tranchen insgesamt € 22’000 eingezahlt. Das Konto stieg danach auf über € 66’000. Als ich das Geld ausbezahlt haben wollte, ging das über die Website nicht. Der sogenannte Broker, der sich Daniel Martinz nennt und ein teilweise kaum verständliches Deutsch sprach, wollte dann von mir nochmals fast € 20’000 für Gebühren, Steuern etc., bevor er mir die gesamten € 66’000 auszahlen könne. Nach fast tagelangem Hinundher per Skype senkte er dann die sog Gebühren auf knapp € 15000. Ich habe natürlich nicht bezahlt und nun droht “Herr Daniel Martinez” (es ergeben die Recherchen im Netz, dass es mehrer Tausend Danniel Martinez gibt) damit, dass ich keinen einzigen € erhalte, auch das eingesezte Kapital nicht. Ich könnte die Diskussion auf Skype, die längere Zeit nur schriftlich geführt wurde, zur Verfügung stellen.

    in April 2019 I deposited 30 K € at “Get Financial” and got back zero cents.
    Now 2020 was first mailed by a Daniel Lindberg from “Get Finacial” department “Risk Mangement”. He told me that “his” company was the victim of a bank robbery. This should be Pro Capital Market. He said they were in the process of repaying clients’ money. For this a fee of 0.035% is to be paid. One does this to get a license again (which according to FCA never existed)
    After that I had contact with “Jonathan Collins” as a so-called case worker. After I paid the fee, I was to recover my investment. Now, however, a “Michael Sanford” from AXE INVEST came into play as CFO of the finance team responsible for the payout. I was being asked to pay more and more curious fees. I idiot paid these 4000 Euro 🙁 too. The final payment was the fee for shipping my stolen assets. So I wait now for one month for my money.
    I have told the gentlemen that I will turn to appropriate platforms to hopefully avoid further victims. However, this does not seem to interest, worry or inspire these fraudsters as a suggestion for my payout.
    Since they can rely on me and my word, unlike these criminals, I hope to warn many potential victims. Stay healthy!

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