AtomtradeFX ( Review

AtomtradeFX is a dangerous company.

We will tell you why your money is not safe with AtomtradeFX and how what you can do to get your money back.. All of our reviews are based on research carried out by professionals.

AtomtradeFX review

AtomtradeFX regulation.

This is the most important point that a broker must have, a regulated license. A broker regardless of the country where he offers trading must have a regulated license. In Europe each country has its own regulations, the same for Australia (ASIC) and the United States (CFTC or SEC). AtomtradeFX does not have any regulated licenses while offering trading to Europe,USA or Australia. This is a strong indicator that it is a scam.

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AtomtradeFX has a newly created website.

It is also a strong signal that it is a fraud. All fraudulent sites create sites that are generally 1 to 2 years old and disappear to recreate another domain name. AtomtradeFX has a domain name that was created less than two years ago and is therefore part of this dangerous category of financial company. A good company has a site that is regulated and is on the market with over 10 years of experience.

Public warning against AtomtradeFX.

The most important thing for a financial company is to have one or more licenses regulated according to the countries to which it offers its services. Unfortunately for AtomtradeFX, He does not have regulated licenses and therefore does not have the right to charge you money for a financial service. The FCA (UK) has issued a public warning against AtomtradeFX. He is on a European blacklist which confirms to us that it is a scam.

AtomtradeFX will try to take the most money from you.

You will be harassed by this company once your money is deposited. Their money will ask you to deposit more if you want to withdraw or pay taxes. We advise you not to do this because you will lose even more money. If you refuse to give them more money, they will talk badly to you and ignore you.

How to get your money back?

If you are a victim of this broker, you must complete the file below or use the online chat if the amount lost is greater than $5,000 to be put in direct contact. Your chances will depend on several things like payment history, method of payment. Each file is different but MyChargeBack knows all the procedures to speed up your file. If you want to know more about the procedure, click here.

Our conclusion.

AtomtradeFX is unregulated and therefore cannot offer trading. If you have deposited your money with this company it will be difficult to get it back. We can say with certainty that it is a scam and we invite you to fill out our form for a chargeback. It is free and does not commit you to anything.

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2 comments on AtomtradeFX ( Review

    Skype Conversation with Henry Gallo On trying to get my money refunded
    If you read this script, you will see how you may not get your investment back.

    Henry Gallo and Naomi Hill don’t deal with them they will steal all your money
    When you ask for a withdrawal.

    Henry, 6:08 AM
    holy shit you are still awake

    stop shaking your ass and go to sleep

    Henry, 6:18 AM
    good job Jimbo!

    Henry, 11:14 PM
    I will call you tomorrow and let’s finalize the withdrawal

    9:45 AM
    Please pay it to the Binance address i gave you on the BTC net work.
    You only need to pay me the cash I put in you keep all the profits. That means 20,000.00 NZD

    Henry, 11:16 PM
    I will not break law for your selfishness
    you can go to jail if you want but I have too much to give up

    stop sleeping Gerald

    you have money to withdraw

    10:09 AM
    You have been given two legal accounts to deposit my money into
    Why you not depositing the money?
    You are breaking the law already by using a document for pecuniary advantage amongst other breaches of the law.
    Using a document to defraud and deceive.
    10:25 AM
    You are stalling repayment of my funds making out i have to pay 35,000.00 to my Bianace Account Binance have advised that this is not correct i believe Binance.
    Submitted Drafts
    Search by case number
    NFRC221105515996 Pyramid or Ponzi schemes Created 19-11-2022 21:19:42 19-11-2022 21:36:01
    Your Crime has been recorded.
    Crime Report
    Gerald Patrick Mullaney
    Henry Gallo
    No available data
    No available data
    I will withdraw my submission to the police action fraud unit once i receive my money.
    These are the breaches of the law and the case i am taking is against you personally HENERY GALLO AND YOUR ASSISTANT NAOMI HILL
    Breaches of the law are
    1. Operating an illegal firm. 2 Operating as a clone company under adream advisors ltd and using adreams FCA Number.
    3. Using adream advisors ltd to defraud exisiting and future client investor to defraud.
    4. Refusing to repay client funds in a normal business manner to my bank account.
    5. Money laundering through Bianance, Wise, Easy Crypto.
    6. Advertising false emails and phone numbers with the object to deceive and commit fraud.
    8. Not complying to the rules on withdrawals as per area traders policy statement.
    If you dont deposit my money to my account my legal team are preparing a class action to be lodged in the london courts against you HENRY GALLO AND NAOMI HILL PERSONALLY.
    I prefer you bank my funds to the BNZ ACCOUNT as i looks like Bianace is going bust along with all the other crypto exchanges or money laundering schemes.
    9. Using adream advisors ltd paper work to deceive and defraud existing and future client investors.
    10. Generally deceiving the general public.
    You are the one Henry Gallo working in tandem with NAOMI HILL that is withholding payment personally.

    Henry, 12:42 AM
    you are available
    don’t be a little boy and stay up a little late

    I will call you tomorrow once again and you will answer

    10:33 AM
    please pay my money to my account
    12:06 PM
    There is nothing to talk about other than you HENRY GALLO deposit the money that you are withholding into my bank account.
    Bianance, wise, easy crypto have all advised me that your requiring 35k to be deposited to a bank account before you deposit my money is a well known scammers strategy.

    Henry, 11:58 PM
    you have no idea how irrelevant what they advised is to your case

    if you wanted an advise from a website

    who will text you only if you text them once in a month

    what was the point of creating a trading account with a broker dumbo?

    unless you are a man enough to stay up late to answer my call don’t expect to receive anything

    pussies don’t receive money
    only if they get fucked and that’s the last thing I want to do to you

    Henry, 12:00 AM
    so you will be available tomorrow until my call

    11:18 AM
    When are you going to deposit my money to my bank account that i have been requesting for over a month.
    Why are you withholding my money?
    As i have advised you i am not avail after 9pm NZT time your time 9am so call me when you start your day.
    Just to note when i deposited funds to you it tool 30 minutes for you to receive the funds in USDollars.
    Why you stalling payment to me i have now been waiting 4 weeks for you to refund my money.
    I will continue on with my actions until i receive my money which is due to me.
    I have given you my bank account numbers so what is the hold up?
    I have said to you pay me my cash that I sent to you 20,000.00 nzd and you keep all the profits 45,000.00 that is a very fair deal.
    But you seem to not want to pay me only my cash back of 20,000.00
    It appears that you are not a fair business man at this stage.
    I happen to be online last night at 11pm NZT and you never called to inform me that you made the deposit on the 24 Nov 2022?
    11:38 AM
    Your not being fair and reasonable in the handling and the fiduciary duty in handling client funds. You seem to think the funds are your personal funds.

    Henry, 11:17 PM
    Gerald you have left me no other way

    I will not take care of your account anymore

    you will receive a call from our company but no more from me

    you are unprofessional, annoying, timewasting, inadequate and, above all, unmanly

    thus I will reassign your case and wish you all the best

    9:53 AM
    When will my funds be refunded to my bank account its now over 5 weeks i have been waiting.
    You have my bank accounts what is the hold up?
    10:08 AM
    You have got a process refund my money to the bank account that i gave you 5 weeks ago
    You have not been taking care of my account remember you closed the account because i would not invest more funds 5 weeks ago since then you have been withholding my money and refusing to refund my money to my bank account.
    The only thing left for you to do is refund my 20k nzd and you keep the 45k usd profits however if i dont receive the 20k soon i will claim 65k USD AS SHOWN ON MY ACCOUNT AND COPIED TO MY LAWYER
    10:23 AM
    I will continue on with actions until i receive my money.
    6:59 PM
    Henry Gallo Lets get the facts straight You closed my account 5 weeks ago because i would not invest more money.
    Since then 5 weeks i have been requsting my money be refunded back to my bank account.
    You have not been caring for my account at all, all you have done over the last 5 weeks is withhold my money and refuse to repay it to me.
    There is no caring your action are amounting to fraud.
    7:17 PM

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