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If you are on this page it’s that you are victims of Aspen Holding. You are surely unable to withdraw your money, it’s the most common scam of fraudulent brokers. We can help you get your money back, this is the best legal current solution if your bank doesn’t want to help you.

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Aspen Holding is a trading platform with more than 200 assets. This broker has been reported by Denislas B. who lives in Sofia, he has certified that the payment service address used by aspen is wrong. And that Olympus Markets was surely the same company that created Aspen Holding.

About Aspen Holding.

Owner of Aspen is based in Vanuatu . Their payment company is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. We are here in the presence of 2 countries that are often linked with scam websites. We also found similarities with another broker that is a scam, Olympus Markets you can find our review here.

No Regular License.

They have no official license mentioned on any page. When you are a serious broker, you must have at least 2 regular licensed and mentioned to the users of your website. Aspen Holding is clearly a scam, if you had already invested, we advise you to register here at MyChargeBack which is a money recovery company specialized against scams.


Same platform as Olympus Markets.

Most brokers use MetaTrader4 but this is not the case for Aspen Holding, which uses a web-based program that looks like Olympus … They also charge a lot of fees for each transaction and 3.5% for withdraw.

ScamOnline puts you in touch with Mychargeback which is a company specialized against fraud or internet scams. You just have to register, registration is free. Once you have registered, MyChargeBack will offer you a solution with conditions. If you agree to the terms, the procedure to get your money back will start.

Don’t deposit your money or you will not see it again.

It’s from the moment when you deposit your money with an offshore broker that you will have no control. In general you will not be able to withdraw and when you go to contact the support, they will remain silent. Their manager will advise you to invest on a currency that could make you become super rich. You will have only your eyes to cry. In trading, don’t hesitate to inquire about a company before investing your money.

Our Final Opinion on Aspen Holding.

We are dealing with a scam with important missing information. Avoid investing in this broker. By searching on internet, you will find brokers with official and serious licenses to get you started in trading.

22 comments on Aspen Holding Review

  1. Few days ago I invested with Aspen Holding to trade with Bitcoin. After reading what you wrote that this is a scam. I want my money back. Please help me.

  2. I have been trying to withdraw my funds for almost a month now. They do contact me but no money has been transferred back to me

  3. Good evening, I have been trying for 3 weeks to have Aspen Holding transfer $500 back into my account after I informed Lawrence was his name who called me to go through market training to help build the bitcoin. Each time I send an email I receive the same generic message. I am at a lost end as to how I am able to retrieve the money I transferred into the bitcoin account?

  4. I have deposit 10 days ago US$500 to Aspen Holding account and not yet do any trade. After I read your article then I decided to withdrawal my money back. What will the best way to get my money back. I need help please advise thanks !

    1. Please I need help. I did send withdrawal request to aspoň holdin week ago and they dont react. Please help me get my money back. Thank u

      1. Hi Katarina, Use link to get in contact with mychargeback, consultation is free or contact your bank to see what they can do for you.

  5. I was about to do a transaction with the Aspen Holding mob, but my bank/card kept rejecting the transfer

    Glad I thought about doing an online check before fixing the international transfer with my card account

    Big thanks goes out to

  6. buon giorno nel mese di giugno 2019 ho investito con Aspen Holding per fare trading con Bitcoin 250 euro si sono presi i soldi ho contattato il mio contatto il signor ALEX CINIERI FORSE UN NOME E COGNOME FALSO tel 447774908762.. che questo signore dopo tante telefonate mi risponde vagamente con una email in poche parale sopra la piattaforma anno fatto scomparire tutti i soldi . questa e una truffa bella buona con ASPEN HOLDING I SOLDI NON LE AVRETE MAI TANTI SALUTI DA GIUSEPPE

  7. In Friday i got message from aspen that my withdrawal request is complete and that ill get my money back in 5 or 7 days. I really hope that it will happen. What u think?

      1. Podobnie jak inni 29.09.2019r wpłaciłem na konto handlowe 250$ , skontaktował sie ze mną menadżer Viktor Korbin , mówiący po rosyjsku , oczywiście telefon z kierunku 22 Warszawa nieprawdziwy,
        koresponduję z Aspen Holding E-meil i na czacie , bez efektów chodzi o wycofanie środków ,

  8. Dzień dobry
    Zarejestrowałem się na stronie Aspen holding .Rozmawiałem nawet ze swoim menadżerem który prowadził mnie i pomagał w rejestracji.Przyszedł czas na założenie konta i wpłacie 250 euro ale mój bank odmówił przelewu.Syn poradził mi abym poinformował się na Google na temat firmy Aspen holding i cieszę się że bank odmówił przelewu.Teraz mam dylemat czy ze względu na rejestrację nie będę miał jakiś konsekwencji z tego powodu .Ciągle dzwoni telefon albo z Warszawy,Wrocławia,czy też z UK.Nie chce mi się z nimi rozmawiać po tym jak dowiedziałem się jacy to ludzie.Proszę o odpowiedź .Pozdrawiam.

  9. pls help me, someone called me and telling me he’s calling from Aspen holding at Europe ,this is scam or legit,pls can someone answer?

  10. Please do not deposit any money into these accounts..They are all scams looting public money for their business.. Lodge complaints with cyber cell teams and file for charge back

  11. I have been trying to get a withdrawal out of Aspen Holding for 3 months now. No one at the so called brokerage will answer my e-mails. Don’t deal with Aspen Holding.

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