4Xincome Review

Broker :4Xincome
Address : Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre,
P.O. Box 1510, Beachmont Kingstown
St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Phone : 91 9388123880
Email : info@4xincome.com
Website : www.4Xincome.com

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Let’s talk about this fraudulent broker now.

We will tell you why you should not deposit your money at 4Xincome which is a fraudulent broker…


Who is the owner of this broker ?

Sky Hub Limited is the owner. It’s based in Saint Vincent and Grenadines, a country that has a bad reputation for trading because many fraudulent brokers come from Saint Vincent and Grenadines.

Deposit and withdraw.

The account types of this broker are normal compared with other brokers. However, we received an email from Jerome who can’t withdraw his money, he has $2200 blocked by 4Xincome.

4Xincome Account types

Regulated or not ?

4Xincome has no official license. It’s forbidden for a broker to offer trading in the world without any licenses. He received a warning from the German financial authorities (BaFin) because he has already scammed several people in Germany.

4xincome warning from bafin
BaFin Warning against 4Xincome.

Final conclusion on 4Xincome.

There is no doubt about this broker, it’s a scam. 4Xincome uses the same scheme as all fraudulent brokers by encouraging you to invest to block your money and preventing you from withdrawing your money.


If you have a bad experience with this broker, leave a comment to help others avoid being scammed. We receive threats from many fraudulent brokers but nothing will stop us to help you.

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  1. Chiar daca sunteti sunati de platforme care ar fi in regula,urmariti de fiecare data cand acestia va schimba parola, deoarece va vor trasfera contul de la o platforma la alta si veti ajunge fara sa stiti in o platforma ca aceasta 4xincome de unde nu veti putea retrage capitalul vostru. Transferul de la o platforma la alta fara ca investitorul sa fie anuntat sau fara acordul acestuia este complet ilegal. Va vor suna in special din London,dar fiti atenti si la platformele: FXNET, NESSfxNETltd, INVESTIMENT FUTURE LIMITED, INVESTIMENT X INCOME, CAPITAL 24, SWIS CAPITAL, 24 OPTION, X.P.M. Din informatiile pe care le detin, acestia colaboreaza intre ei. FXNET si NESSfxNETltd sunt deja acuzati de spalare de bani. Daca asistentul vostru va va descarca pe compiuter asa numitul program de treding “SkyHub MT4″ Retragetiva imediat capitalul, deoarece va vor vace o operatie care va va duce in negativ pentru a fa face sa investiti si mai mult sau va vor face un credit care va va bloca capitalul. Sfat de retinut” INDIFERET IN CE PLATFORMA INTRATI NU DEPUNETI UN CAPITAL MAI MARE DE 5000 DE EURO, ACESTA SUMA SA FIE MAXIMUL VOSTRU INVESTIT DEOARE CE SE POT FACE BANI SI CU DOAR 2500 DE EURO, INCET DAR SIGUR CA NU VETI PIERDE O SUMA IMENSA SI DACA ASISTENTUL VOSTRU INCEARCA SA VA CONVINGA DE A INVESTI SI MAI MULT RETRAGETIVA IMEDIAT BANI SI NU REGRETATI DEOARECE ACESTA NU VA AVEA INTERES CA VOI SA FACETI PROFIT SI DOAR DE A VA FURA CAT MAI MULT POSIBIL…

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