2dots Review

Broker :2dots
Address : 9 rue Heinrich Heine, 19857 Luxembourg
Phone : +41315087457
Email : Support@2dots.com
Website : www.2dots.com

I am a victim of 2dots, what to do ?

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If you are on this page it’s that you are probably a victim of 2dots. You can’t withdraw your money, you are asked for money to withdraw or their support doesn’t answer you? It’s normal because it’s a scam. If you haven’t found a solution with your bank, we will explain the procedure to recover your money.


What makes us think 2dots is a scam.

2dots is a broker that doesn’t have any official licenses. The company that owns the broker is the company that owned a former SINFX fraudulent broker. It has also received a warning from the financial authorities of the United Kingdom(FCA) because it offers trading in Europe without any licenses. To avoid absolutely if you don’t want to be scammed.

How to get my money back ?

You only have to register for free on MyChargeBack which is a company that fights against online scammers. After analyzing your registration, you will have a proposal by MyChargeBack. If you accept the proposal, your procedure to get your money back will start. It’s currently the only company offering a money recovery service with over 90% success. Many people don’t know that a recovery company exists but now you know that there is one that can help you.

Start your recovery process.

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We advise you before any investment in trading to take your time to choose a broker. Always look at several reviews on the same broker to be sure because brokers pay for fake reviews. Take the time to choose and never trust before doing research. Trading has always been a world with scammers and it will continue to be so unfortunately.

Feel free to leave a comment.

If you have a bad experience with this broker, leave a comment to help others avoid being scammed. We receive threats from many fraudulent brokers but nothing will stop us to help you.

4 comments on 2dots Review

  1. Hello!

    This Company is regulated by Bafin under license number 151031

    The Adress in the database

    Forextime UK Limited

    grenzüberschreitender Dienstleister (FDI) gem. § 53b KWG

    9th Floor, 88 Wood Street
    EC2V 7QR London

    Or is this fake ?


    1. It’s a fake, Forextime UK Limited is fxtm.com . 2dots is blacklisted from spain because they don’t have regulated licenses.

  2. Sono spariti, mi hanno chiesto di aumentare l’investimento fino a 1500 euro dopo il mio rifiuto nessun contatto. Anche il loro sito è fuori uso.

  3. 2dots sono dei farabutti mi hanno fottuto 11.000€ non riesco più ritirare i miei soldi
    Non fatevi fregare mi raccomando sono falsi
    Spero li usino tutti per medicine

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