247worldbtcfx Review

247worldbtcfx Information

Broker :247worldbtcfx & worldbtcfx
Address : Baarerstrasse 135, 6300 Zug Switzerland AG
Phone : +442036082593
Email : info@247worldBTCfx.com
Website : www.247worldbtcfx.com & worldbtcfx.com
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Who is the owner of 247worldbtcfx ?

Game Capital Ads Limited is the owner of 247worldbtcfx & worldbtcfx. He is based in Switzerland and has a regular license according to the information of their website. They use 2 websites to scam more people.


Does 247worldbtcfx have a regular license to offer trading?

He uses a fake document to make it look like there is a Swiss license but by looking on the regular site of the Swiss financial authorities, we didn’t find any licenses held by 247worldbtcfx. He received a warning from the Italian regulators (CONSOB) because he offers trading in Italy without licenses. It’s forbidden to offer unlicensed trading services but it still offers them all over Europe

CONSOB Warning

Problem to withdraw money

This is the main scam set up by fraudulent brokers. 247worldbtcfx harasses its customers to have them deposit money and once the money is deposited, it’s impossible to withdraw it. This is the case of Fabio who deposited $250 and he asked him to put more money. He refused but can’t withdraw his money.

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Feel free to leave a comment if you have them an experience with this broker. Help us stop this scam.

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