Scam Online Mission.

Scam Online mission is to analyze suspicious sites and confirm their are scams. We carry out our research with the help of official regulator. We’re also on a mission to help you get your money back by using the Chargeback that few people know about.

How we do our reviews ?

All our reviews are verified by a professional team. We only check sites related to finance, money investing and all gambling. We always check if a site is regulated by a legal regulation in the country where it offers its services. Then we check the provenance of the owner, the licenses used and the name of the company (Scammers often take the name of a legal company).

Our verification is completely free.

If a site is not listed by our team, Scam Online will offer to scan it for free and give you a quick response by email. We do the verification for you and this allows us to find fraudulent sites that we do not have in our registry. There are more and more scam sites and we’re here to report them so don’t hesitate to contact us if you think you’ve been the victim of a scam.

Leave a comment.

If you are the victim of a fraudulent site, leave a comment on the relevant review to help other people not get scammed and give our site more visibility. Scam sites often use other sites to do positive reviews and hide reviews which helps prevent scams. A comment takes 5 minutes but it helps us a lot in fighting scammers.